Head in the sand?

luvidaho_2010(5/6)July 25, 2012

I received a cutting of H. cv Sunrise as a bonus when I purchased a plant. This was the first cutting I attempted to root that I did not take from my own plant. I was a bit concerned that I might try to root the wrong end of the cutting. I thought the cutting might have been taken from a vine that was hanging, so the leaves looked wrong since they seemed to be facing down instead of up. After much research and reading of posts here I bit the bullet and stuck it in a pot.

Now, 3 months later the old leaves have a twist at the base but the small new growth seems to be pointed in the right direction. So my question is, do I have this cutting upside down? Or, are the leaves re-orienting themselves so they are facing up?

If it is upside down, do I leave it as is?

Thanks. Tami

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Tami...the cutting is just fine the way it is...many people will root both ends of their cuttings, bending the vine into an arch, and rooting both ends. It looks very good to me, so I wouldn't do a thing. Fondly, Patrick

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I agree with Patrick. Because most Hoyas will form roots along their vines you can root them anyway you want. Your cutting is showing new growth so it must be doing just fine.


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Thanks for the responses Patrick and Mike! I figured it was OK since the new growth looked normal. I am relieved to know that it doesn't matter which end I put in the pot. I might have to try rooting both ends of a cutting sometime to see what it does.

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You'll find that Hoyas shoot from within the leaf axils. Looking at your 3rd photo the shoot is coming from above the petiole indicating the stem is the right way around.

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