First Sighting of a Ruby for 2009 Reported

mimidi(z8)February 27, 2009

A Ruby has been reported just north of Nancy Newfield in Lousianna. If you live long the gulf coast get a feeder out. When you least expect it a Ruby thoated hummingbird might come by needing some food.

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Many thanks for the report...I'm in MS just 150 miles north of the gulf coast, so I'll put up a feeder asap just in case!

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I am in the southeast corner of Alabama. About 96 miles from the gulf. In the past five years since I have been keeping records the earliest I have seen one is March 13. Others around me have seen them a few days earlier.

I have been outside hanging some birdhouses and built a trellis for my new burgandy colored crossvine. I can't remember the proper name for it. I am so bad about that.

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My first sighting last year was on 3/22. Too, last year was my first in keeping records of alot of "my" bird activities, including bluebirds, brown headed nuthatches and carolina wrens, who all nested in my yard...and of course, hummer activity! Just for the heck of it, I hope to keep track of how much sugar I use! Last year, the grocery store cashiers called me the "sugar lady"!

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Hahaha! can you tell if you're a hummingbird nut?

If the grocery clerks call you "sugar lady"! =) Good for you, Donna!!

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Hi everyone!!!
It's great to think our beautiful little friends will be back in just a few short weeks(here in Delaware.)
I hope and pray we all have a wonderful and successful spring summer and fall- and that LOTS of baby hummers will be born in all our yards!!
Now excuse me while I begin to unpack the feeders and get everything clean and ready. Last year the first sighting was around March 23 here. So I will be putting up my feeders the first week of March I think.

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They should be in Florida now. I'm looking for them. I have been seeing hummers almost all winter,however. This is the first time I've seen them consistently all winter. Perhaps the numbers are increasing or I'm getting better at attracting them. Or perhaps a little of both.

Good times are right around the corner.

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Tom are you getting the Rufous migrators that come this way during the winter from the west?

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I noticed your comment about Cross Vine. I saw Cross Vine at a big nursery here in San Antonio today. They said it would grow in shade. I was tempted to buy it for my apartment balcony. Have you had this vine before? If so, do the hummers like it?

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Rob yes I do and yes they like it. It blooms early for me and then only a few blooms on and off during the summer. Not a constant high bloomer. I have had the tangerine for several years and bought the a burgandy colored one last year. I am going to try and see if I can post a picture of my crossvine.

A hummingbird has been sighted in Baldwin County, Alabama.

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Mimi, I think one of them is a Rufous. I'm not sure about the other two--I didn't see any brown on them.

Your cross vine is beautiful and very different than mine, which has no yellow hues. It is a pure rusty red. It is in full bloom now and is attracting the hummers.

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