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ltlhbgrlFebruary 16, 2011

You may all know of this site, but it is amazing and I had to share - it has been my therapy this winter! It is a live web cam of a Channel Island Allen's hummer in CA that the host calls Phoebe. Her 2 latest babies have just flown the nest and she is already building another for the next batch. Find her at phoebeallens .com (with the w w w before and no space before .com - was not sure if sites would post.)

I hope you enjoy it/her as much as I have!! She is just gorgeous.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phoebe Allens Web Cam

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Thanks for posting the link ltlhbgrl for those who might not be aware - Phoebe's live stream has sustained me now for four yrs.(seasons) until our beloved Ruby-throated hummers return to us once again in the spring!

Actually, Phoebe has refurbished an existing nest in the climbing rosebush. She sometimes re-uses an existing nest -sometimes builds anew - there are currently nine nests in the bush! Guess she was in a hurry this time, as there is already one egg!! First egg was laid yesterday, Feb. 21 @ 9:53 am PST or 12:53 pm EST and we are currently awaiting Egg #2!

I am just so grateful that Bea and Jay have successfully fledged! :)

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It was wonderful to watch such a successful clutch! I think it's a riot that they have found Mom in her new nest. Not quite ready to cook for themselves? ;)

I hope this next bunch is as healthy. I miss "my" rt's so much in the winter and Phoebe has been a sanity saver this snowy winter.

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I found the Phoebe web site about a week before Bea and Jay fledged. What a treat to see them fledge! I'm really looking forward to seeing the new babies from eggies to fledge! There are also some owl web cams that are really interesting and fun to watch!

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