cardinal flower

ellix(augusta ga)February 28, 2009

Working around my pond I found that a couple of the old cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) bloom stalks had fallen over into the pond over the winter. I found well rooted little plants growing all up and down the stalk where the blooms once were. I transplanted them in bog areas around the pond. Next year I will be sure to bend the stalks into the water on purpose to increase my supply even more.

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Cool! I never knew this.

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That's a great discovery!! I'm going to try it next Winter, too. I guess we can call it 'water layering'?

For any of you hummernuts that want a hummer magnet, this is it. IMO, it's the perfect plant - a native perennial, non-invasive, easy to start from seeds, easily transplanted, long bloom period. And that red could be used to calibrate a spectrometer!! The dormant rosettes survive better if overwintered under water rather than being exposed to the freeze/thaw cycles above ground. These are happy in this small galvanized tub...

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Amazing. I have tried this flower twice and lost it both times. It really needs a damp spot to grow doesn't it.

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mimidi, An easy way to grow them is by creating a mini-wetland garden: dig a shallow hole (6" is deep enough), line it with a piece of pond liner or plastic, backfill with soil to within 1" of the surrounding grade, plant, fill with water. This can be incorporated into a larger bed and the edge of the liner can be covered by mulch or stones. Every 2-3 weeks, feed them with 1 gal of dilute Miracle-Gro.

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sudimari(z5 IN)

Okay...I'm stuck with patio planing in ground allowed. Would I be able to convert this into a watering tray do ya think? (Either clay or plastic...the kind that is designed to go with a pot)? I had several hummers last year out front & out back (not sure I think 2 different families)...would like to give them more than just the birdfeeders to eat from.


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Yes, this can be adapted to any watertight container that's at least 5-6" deep.

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