Hoya siariae

bihai(zone 9)July 29, 2008

This hasn't bloomed for me yet but I am pushing it with bloom booster weekly so I think it will soon.

Its become one of my favorite hoyas, I really like its leaves.

I got 2 cuttings as a trade last season and both rooted, and it has really done well. Its a climber, as you can see from this series of photos.

First, the plant in its pot, positioned on the greenhouse wall

then, secondly, it sent out some tendrils seeking something to climb up, and found the roots of this large specimen Vanda orchid that hangs from the ceiling nearby

thirdly a close-up of a tendril climbing an aerial orchid root

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Great pictures, Bihai.

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Thank you for posting that. It's one that I've read about many times, but it's hard to find pictures. Puhleeze post pictures and a report when it blooms! And what a beautiful jungle you have!

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Gorgeous plant Bihai. This species does resemble it's cousin Hoya blashernaezii in leaf at least but I would also be interested in seeing the flowers when your plant blooms. I got Hoya blashernaezii as a cutting this summer and it flowered soon after rooting with very pretty little butter yellow cup shaped flowers from a long thin peduncle. There is a photo of a single Hoya siariae flower in the new STEMMA online magazine but I am curious to see the entire umbel of flowers together.


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Wow, that's some jungle you have there Bihai! I'm jealous! I think I'd have myself a comfy chair and just hang out in that greenhouse while world went by.

I can't wait to see your H. siariae bloom!


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I love the jungle, so i can find the treasure.
can't wait to see your flower

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bihai(zone 9)

I'm pushing it with 10-50-10 to try to get it to bloom. Thanks for all the positive reinforcement!!! I'll post a photo when I get a bloom!

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Does anyone has this wonderful hoya?
Is it difficult to bloom and to root?
Can this hoya survive a 21 days trip?



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This is not a difficult Hoya to grow but it is hard to know what will survive the trip all the way to Brazil. I don't think this species is all the sensitive as a cutting so it might survive the 21 days.


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I received this one as part of the mid-Winter Forest Treasures order with Joni. Like all the FT plants, it was a rooted cutting. Unfortunately I lost 2/4 of that order, which I am chalking up to the more stressful winter shipping conditions, even with heat. However, siariae and mindorensis 'Dark Form' didn't skip a beat.

So, maybe it is not impossible?

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I must consider that the post office service in Brazil is worth than never!
Does anyone knows who sells cuts of siariea? Aleya don't have and Joni I think does not have yet.

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