What to put in dried soup mix

dirtundermyfingersOctober 7, 2010

I have canned 18 quarts of vegetable soup for the winter and now am using up what produce I have to make some dehydrated soup mix with veggies. The question I have is what would you include. So far I have celery, carrots, green beans, onions and leaf celery, and cabbage. What else can I add. My plan is to have something easy to add to boiling broth and leftover meat for a quick dinner with out lots of prep. I did add some bell peppers for a little bite. I was wondering about adding potatoes, but have never dehydrated them before. A couple other things that I have are kohlrabi, tomatoes and frozen peas and corn. Can I use the frozen peas and corn and dehydrate them? Is there anything special that I need to do to dehydrate the potatoes. I have heard I think about sulfuring them, but don't have the access to do that. Another veggie I thought about adding is Kohlrabi which my daughter and I love but wonder how it would taste in a mix.I am also wanting to add some tomatoes. But wonder about how to do them, should I cut them in thin slices and dehydrate or just plan on adding pints of canned tomatoes when I make the soup.

I am looking to make something like the dried soup starters that they used to make and sell, but without all the preservatives.

thanks in advance,


PS you all have been such good helps since

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Didn't you just ask this question 4 days ago?

Here is a link that might be useful: Help please on dehydrating veggies for dried soup mix.

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Pixie I was wondering what else I could put in the mix. Did I need to add seasonings, herbs or boulion. Sorry if you think its a duplicate post, just needed some different answers and ideas about what else to include.


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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

If you want it ready to go, then I would add some bullion powder, a little pinch of garlic powder, and some dried parsley. Also some dried onion flakes.

Yes, you can dry potatoes. Make them a small dice if you want them to cook in the same time as the dried vegetables.

I would leave the peas and corn in the freezer and when it was soup time, take out a handful and throw them into the soup. You've already got them preserved.

I'd put dried tomato and a pinch of oregano in some, not all, of the soup mixes. Then some soup would be minestrone (add beef and noodles), and some would be vegetable.

You can cook dried beans until they are tender, and then dehydrate the cooked beans.

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Parden this if it is a repeat.
My mom and now me usually add 1 or 2 parsnips to soup. I also add parsley root when I have it. Since they look like carrots --- cut and dry as you would carrots.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Stacie if you have trouble finding any of your previous posts, like if they have slipped to page 2 or 3, you can just put your username in the search bar at the bottom of the page and it will pull them all up for you. I think Pixie Lou assumed that was your problem just as I did when I first read this one since it is almost a duplicate post. There was already discussion in that one about spices and bullion and dicing potatoes etc. ;)

And then you can just add your further questions onto the existing post and it will get bumped back to the top. That way all the info is together in one place. Saves time for you as you don't have to re-type all the intro info and for us so we aren't just typing all the same replies over again.



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