One from yesterday

mbrowne(9b Central CA)February 19, 2013

The only blooms I have right now are a few of these tiny things. Don't even know what they are, but the hummers will take what they can get:

Firefox lets you right click and "view image" to see the full size picture, can't see how to do that in IE, so included a link.

I don't like the "new and improved" forum's size limit on pics. Max is 450x300 in post and 640x480 when clicked. I'd like that limit to be removed, as I didn't see anyone posting overly lage pics. Oh, well...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Beautiful Hummer...looks like Verbena she's nectaring on

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mbrowne(9b Central CA)

Thanks Leafhead. I googled Verena but mine is a viney climbing thing. It's not too useful as a hummer plant, as they only use it when they are desperate :)

And I noticed that GW has increased the size of pics in posts. I can almost live with that. I'll see if giving them the right size pic will keep them from losing detail when they resize. Anybody seen a link to info on their new image policy??

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If you look closely this hummingbird it looks it's smiling! How cute :)

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