Material for hummingbird nest

PFCMCL(z10 - S CA)February 26, 2014

I saw this product/video online and I'm wondering what the material is and where I can get it myself. Does anybody have any idea?

Here is a link that might be useful: Video

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janalyn(sw BC)

I don't know but if you are able to find bulrushes, the downy seeds from the brown spikes are often used by hummingbirds. Just crack one open and tie it in place near where you see the hummers.

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PFCMCL(z10 - S CA)

Good idea! I'll try that

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I don't usually frequent this forum, but happened to see this. I put cat fur in an extra suet feeder on my deck. In JANUARY, in Olympia WA, I saw an overwintering Anna's plucking the fur for her nest. It's so wonderful to think of those little hummers all snug in their furry nest. And the adult takes the fur in her beak to about equal the size of her head. Quite amazing.

Now the chickadees and juncos are at the fur feeder, pulling it out, carding it with their beaks and feet, flying away with big bales of fluffy cat fur to line their nests.

As a side note, the Anna's have only begun overwintering here in the last few years. I keep my feeder out all year and when the weather dips below freezing, I wrap it in incandescent, not LED, Christmas lights to keep it from freezing. It's quite festive looking.

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Nice video -- Dont know where to get the material either, wonder how the material for milkweed pods would do.

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I've noticed Anna's Hummingbirds taking the fluff from clematis seed pods that I leave on the vines for nesting material.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

This is a good thread. I hoope people will add their knowledge to it.

I read that they will use dryer lint for their nests, so I've been saving the softest cotton lint for them. Putting it out on my deck today.

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Two years ago I noticed a hummer tugging at ends of cotton ropes straightening my lilac bushes. So I cut several short pieces and put the unraveled pieces in a suet holder. They ignored the nylon core as well as most yarn or dryer lint, but did take the cotton rope pieces. Very cute to watch the tugging. Then I also tried the cat fur and it all disappeared very quickly. Unfortunately, my daughter only has one cat. I am in Port Orchard, WA and I have several Anna's that winter over with 3 feeders that I keep out all winter. I would like to know where to get the stuff in the video as well.

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My Anna's emptied the cat fur from the suet feeder a few weeks ago. So cute to see them flying away with a beak full of fur. I would think you could ask friends and neighbors who might have longer coated cats from what they brush from them. Or even a local vet or cat rescue shelter.

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bob_n_bernie_wa(z4/5 WA)

This is from a lady who lives near Seattle that she posted on the UW list serve, "Tweeters" 1-23-15

"This morning around 8am I saw the Anna's gathering fluff (FYI - it's a fluff ball from Wild Bird - they love it. I leave it out all year so it's there when they're ready. I have it hanging in a tree under a plastic dome. They also love the fluff from plant material such as Japanese Anemones (which FYI can be invasive depending on form). For several years I would see the hummers collecting this fluff but off they would go to the neighbors gardens. "

The "Wild Bird" she is referring to is Wild Birds Unlimited.

The link below is to that product.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hummer nest material

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PFCMCL(z10 - S CA)

Mehitabel and Pyro_Dave, I've read lint from dryers can be harmful for birds. Here's one link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Dryer Lint Should Not Be Used as Nesting Material

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PFCMCL(z10 - S CA)

Where can I buy cotton fiber? Would a craft store carry it?

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They use the fluffy seeds from oleanders and desert willow in my yard, and there are abundant grass fluff heads for them.

If you want to give them fluff, just ask a grooming salon if you can have some fur.

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