failure to thrive

lalameija(8 oregon)May 14, 2012

I have had several hostas that just didn't come back this year. We had a pretty mild winter and no one suffered from lack of moisture or dormancy. I can't pinpoint one common denominator among those that failed. I have had all of them for at least 2 years, but no longer than 5. Some are in pots, some in the ground and none have been moved. Is there a short life span to hostas? Are some just weenies? The varieties I lost are : Golden Tiara, Great Expectaions, Abiqua Drinking Gourd, Frances Williams, Flavino(something), Mama Mia. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Voles? Heaving? Root Competition from an aggressive tree, lack of water in the fall, are all possible causes. Sometimes it's the Hosta that are what Ken calls Foo-Foo Hosta. But Golden Tiara and ADG grow pretty much anywhere for anyone, so there likely is some problem. My guess is root competition from a Maple or some other tree. Hostas live much longer than other perennials. Some can live 20 years or more.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

forget about GE.. its foo foo.. and be glad you are done with it.. to avoid torturing yourself any further ...

generally.. they are extremely long lived ...

i question enough water ... deeply.. thru the root zone ... for the entire season ...

as well as the trees they are growing under..

and beyond that.. its really hard to guess..

and its probably tokudama flavocircinalis.. and all the tokus have trouble in pots ... they tend to root rot and disappear ...


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You guys forgot about dog pee and weed killers.

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I would suggest Francis Williams be added to ken's foo-foo list. If they did survive they have poor performance. FW and Great Espectations are two of the 4 (out of the 75 that I have aquired) that I have lost. For them I have no specified reason for their loss. Both I had tried more than three times. I'd tried both in Arkansas and Illinois.

I classified them as unspecified reasons because each was planted differently for 4 or more times. Mr. Spock poo-poos all being eaten by voles as NOT LOGICAL for instance. I just move on to stronger performing "look-alikes". The "look-alike" might not seem as nice looking at first, but after 2 years look a whole lot better than ken's "driveway hostas" (sic: road kill).

Otherwise, Steve and ken lay it on the line quite well.


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lalameija(8 oregon)

Thanks all! Root competition is the likely culprit, as most were near trees, (maple!) and Bamboo. The tokudama flavocircinalis was indeed in a pot.

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