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rob_a(9)February 13, 2009

Hi to the forum.

IÂm new here but have enjoyed reading last years posts. Looking forward to the spring influx of hummers to south Texas, hopefully in March.

IÂm in an apartment, on the third floor but have a large balcony. Besides my feeders, hummers last year enjoyed my pink and red Salvia that I have in pots and also, surprisingly, the blooms on my herbs Dill and Basil. Go figure! Lowes promises they will have black/blue Salvia available in March. I will add that to my garden this year. It would seem like forever to try and grow them from seeds. Why not just buy the plants? TheyÂre cheap and already have blooms when you buy them.

I have a small wall on the end of my balcony perfect for a trellis for a blooming vine. Could any of you tell me what would be the best blooming vine that can take highs in the nineties all summer and shade all day? I hope you donÂt mind another plant question.

Oh! And great hummer photos you guys.


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Welcome to the forum...hope you stick around since hummer season, though slow at first, is almost here.

I'm in the deep south and what seems to be the most popular vines are Carolina Jasmine with yellow blooms and Confederate Jasmine with a darker leaf and white blooms. Both seem to tolerate high temps, but I think they need
some sun during the day.

Trumpet vine, which hummers love and along with Clematis are shade loving vines but I've had no experience with them. Sounds like they would work well on your trellis and I think they are fast growing, but I'm no expert. Good luck...your "balcony" garden sounds lovely.


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All shade is a tough nut to crack for a hummingbird vine. you might want to explore the Lonicera, the honeysuckle group. Lonicera sempervirons will grow and bloom in the shade, although not as well as it does in sunny situations. Some of its hybrids like Dropmore Scarlet might be good to check out. Stick with New World honeysuckle. With a fair sized pot and regular water they would grow. You also might look around for Manettia cordifolia, since it is subtropical nurseries might sell it in your area. I'm not sure whether it does much in shade, but along with L. simpervirons it is a A1 hummingbird vine.

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I have a goldflame honeysuckle (lonicera x heckrottii) that grows well in shade. But it does get about 2 hours of sun in the morning. With full shade I imagine it would grow but not bloom well, or at all. As it is, it blooms much less prolifically than my goldflame in full sun.

No other vines come to mind that grow well in shade. But you might consider cardinal flower, which is a perennial and blooms just fine in shade.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have a big list to shop from this week end. Hopefully, there won't be any more freezing temps here this year. Anyway, I'll chance it and get a vine with trellis going Saturday.

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gardengirl_nancy(Z5 Midwest)

I plant an annual vine every year that my hummers fight over. They absolutely love this vine! Mina Lobata, I call it mina vine. I have also seen it as firecracker vine, and spanish flag. has it listed as spanish flag. I save seeds every year and never run out of this. My hummers would be mad if I did not have this plant!

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Lonicera sempervirens (coral honeysuckle) is a good vine. A real hummingbirds magnet. An evergreen and is usually in constant bloom. I ordered one from Amy Webb Mailorder Natives. Check her out she has great plants for hummingbirds and butterflies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mailorder Natives

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gardengirl_nancy(Z5 Midwest)

I forgot to mention that mina vine will do just fine in the shade. I live in the woods and grow this in both sun and shade. Hummers really do love this!

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Thanks everyone. It's great to have a variety of suggestions to pick from.
Probably the most common and oldest blooming vine in Texas is Honey Suckle. It's tough, and can take the heat.
Instead of growing it on a trellis on my shady balcony wall, I'm going to let it grow over the balcony railing to get a few hours of direct sunlight each day.
I'm not sure of the variety I have, but it's already blooming. A pinkish red changing to yellow at the bloom tips. Hope the hummers like it.

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Rob that coloring sounds like Goldflame. Whatever I am pretty sure the hummingbirds will like it.

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Mimi, I think your right, it is Goldflame.
I repotted it in a large container with Miracle Grow potting soil. I'm amazed, the main stem has grown five inches in the first week! Is this thing going to cover the whole apartment building by August?
I better go buy some pruning sheers.

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I was just going to ask on vines and flowers as I am in Florida and wanted to put in a few in my garden..for these darlings... Oh, I'm in awe of just seeing my first in the real world...not just TV or books..amazing...just amaizing...and who would have thought I'd love watching...

I have a lot of sun so I guess I can put in some good selections...

Enjoy reading this forum

God Bless


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