Five Years Ago.....

moonwolf_gwJuly 19, 2012

Hi everyone,

Today marks 5 years since my carnosa's namesake, Nikki, passed away in a car crash. All of us that knew her miss her greatly. I smile when I look at my carnosa and will be overjoyed when she finally produces her first blooms :-).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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XO ~ Mary

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I hope you are having beautiful weather for her anniversary. I'm sure you will see blooms soon.

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XO to you too, Mary! :)

GG, the funny thing is Nikki loved the rain and it was nice yesterday and today it's raining. I also find it odd that my fungii decided to bloom at this time of year too. Maybe it's a sign ;-).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad: You are definitely a very special guy. I believe that the energy of beloved people, who have gone on before, stays around you.

Hey, that's deep, isn't it?? LOL!! Don't ever change Brad.


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That is great that Nikki still has an earthly presence in a plant. I have just recently named one of my plants after a client I worked with that died just last month. It doesn't take all the grief away, but watching the new plant do well is great!

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