wickerstoneJuly 7, 2012

Hi, new to the forum, but not new to plants. I am in search of Dischidis and looking for some help. I've ordered from rare-hoyas, greenhouse glass works, and through ebay. I was wondering if there were anymore sources or if anone here had some cuttings they may want to sell or trade. Thank you for your time and suggestions.

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what kind of Dischidias are you looking for? i have a D. Geri

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I have about 15 varieties, so I am looking for about anything. I thought I had D. Geri, but my friend Antone told me that's not it, so yeah, if you would be willing to part with a piece of geri, I would gladly take it. Thanks.

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ok i cant send you an email because you dont have it listed. so email me at ambermcmyne@yahoo.com

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Aleya's Garden has some interesting species available including a couple bullate leafed species. Not sure if you are willing to import from Thailand.


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You can contact me through this site. We'll see if we have some species that we can exchange.

Denise in Omaha

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Epiphytica has some, too. And it's good to keep an eye on Tropiflora's weekly emails. Definitely post a thread in the trade forum because there are a number of us here who collect Dischidia but it seems like there aren't ever enough people to trade with. They may not respond all at once, but select "post replies emailed to you" and you'll probably get some propositions over time.

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Thanks greedyghost for the Epiphytica site. I thought I exhausted all avenues, which is why I posted. You came through in a big way. Big thanks

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