Do these plants attract?

marilyn_fl(zone 9 Florida)March 29, 2009

Do these plants attract hummingbirds in FL? I have these plants in my yard and my only hummer that use to visit hasn't been seen since November. Right now due to the frost we had I only have the Mexican Flamevine, Pinapple Sage and the Star Jasmine in bloom. I also have a feeder out but no takers on it either.




Mexican Flamevine

Pineapple Sage

Star Jasmine

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I'm in Florida also (east side of Orlando) and my firebush is the number 1 attractor for the hummingbirds, followed by firespike, coral honeysuckle and firecracker (russelia). They also like the Mexican sage and the porterweed.

The firebush was hit hard by the freezes this year and lost all it's leaves - it's come back but isn't blooming yet. The only hummers I've seen so far have been at the russelia and the purple firespike. The good news about that is that I planted them along the screen surrounding the pool patio so I get to see them all the time! Once the firebush blooms I'll have to go to the side yard to regularly see hummers.

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marilyn_fl(zone 9 Florida)

I just cut back my firebush this morning. The lower section is starting to leaf out and probably won't begin blooming until after the hummers head back north. My firespike are nice and green but no signs of blooming. I even gave them a dose of fertilizer a couple of weeks ago.

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Soltice, I purchased Coral Honey suckle this year to grow on my bacony railing. It's replanted in a large pot with Mirical Grow and is growing five inches a week.
When will it bloom? I'm in zone 9, south texas.
Do your hummers like it?

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Soltice, I'm on the other side of you...near the Villages and I've had a few hummers and looks like they have become regular... I just purhased the Star Jasmine to put on the lamp post looks pretty healthy not really sure about plants here...but am gonna give them a try...have to find the others...

I tried to find the Coral Honey suckle but the man helping me wasn't even sure what I was talking about ...oh well, next time..

God Bless

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My coral honeysuckle died back to the roots in the freezes this year but has come back great. Like you noticed, it grows several inches every day! In one week it went from leafing out - all along what looked like a dead stem - to blooming. The flowers opened a couple days ago. If yours is moving slowly, try giving it a hearty drink; I've been watering it daily, but the rain we just had made it POP! They love fertilizer too so don't hesitate to feed it. (That star jasmine is a heavy feeder too.)

Rob, I found that this honeysuckle is like all other vines I've grown - "first year it sleeps, second year it creeps, third year it leaps"! You may not see blossoms this year but I think you'll have some. Next year it will be beautiful and the year after that you'll need a bigger trellis to hold it!

BTW, the hummers love it!

The first picture is from a couple years ago when the vine was 2 years old. I think the picture is from late April in '07.

The 2nd picture is from this past weekend. I think it's going to be huge this year! Once the stems get brown and woody I can take some cuttings and will be happy to share. Unfortunately, when they are green they don't set roots.


Coral Honeysuckle

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marilyn_fl(zone 9 Florida)

Barbzeee my star jasmine only blooms once a year. Don't know if that's normal or not. It is starting to bloom now will bloom for a couple of weeks. That will be all until next March.

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Kate..great pictures..but looks like your honeysuckle is coming back...

Marilyn, I haven't a clue on Jasmine ..never had it before..but will be putting in the ground next day or two.. and I won't know that much as I'm leaving on the 25th of April for Philly, Pa...till next Oct..

I sure am gonna be sad eyed leaving those cuties...but I'll leave them in good hands..:)

But I'll post from Philly and let you all know how my new friends (hoping) will be..cause ya know I'm addicted NOW

God Bless

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