Saw my first Hummer this morning

rjingaMarch 27, 2008

At approximately 8:15 EST, about spilled my coffee on my keyboard as I jumped up and RAN into the kitchen to whip up some nectar...then I had to scrounge around in the garage to find the feeders and clean them out....

I hope he will be persistent and come back around!!!

YEAH!!!! such an exciting moment....

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Wow you are so lucky....I still have about 5 wks left before they get up here to me in west mich. We still are having snow flurries.......blah, but I can hardly wait till I see my first one come home.

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Oh man dont tell me that lol We just went out and bought
a new patio table set.. all set to to sit outside and watch!
got the feeders ready!! Its slowly warming up here but not fast enough!
One day its in the 30s the next in the50s!
It just makes me itch...... we want so badly to get the feeders up!! lol
So.. all you sountherners.. send'em on up!!! :)

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Hey I want to keep them!! I don't mind sharing if I can keep a few for myself.

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alii.....I had my first one last yr on apr. 29th. by looking at the past maps they are behind by a week. Its still very cold here at night and only in the 50's in the day......I'am 45 min NE of Gr. Past years I had my first ones the first wk of may.....anyhow I'am ready I miss the little things!

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me too

I have eight lonely feeders ready to go!

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I saw my first hummer (the Black Chinned Hummingbird) on 2 April. I had five feeders out on the porch and where was the bird, yep, out in the wildflower garden sipping on the Indian Paintbrush. But who cares, they're back for another season. Hoooo-Raaayyy!!

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I got my first ones at the house last week and just saw one fly in the bay doors here at the shop. Now I gotta put a feeder here and plant something for them, lol.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

I put out 3 feeders 4 days ago. Just saw the first hummer today. In fact, I just HAD to run inside and find a thread to mention it on!

I see all the early sightings on the migration site and it drives me crazy waiting for them to show up here! Sometimes, I suspect that all those early sitings are of doomed hummers, migrating too early... :(

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