What is with hummingbirds and poisonous plants?

hbwright(z7bSC)March 29, 2006

I am trying to plan a new garden and it seems that everything I look up (almost everything) is poisonous or parts poisonous. I have dogs and that is my main concern. They are older and don't eat much plants anymore but there is still that chance. I want mostly hummer plants mixed with various colors, textures, bloom times but everytime I look up information there is that dreaded warning. I am not worried about the dogs and hummingbirds, they let other birds share their bowls with them, but I am worried about the dogs and plants. Any ideas? Mostly perrenials, possibly something evergreen to give winter interest, need varying heights. Please help me. I found B&B for 1.99 a piece and got 4 of them to plant throughout so that is only 1 plant, and want to get some lipstick or similar for some red. I also have pineapple sage and mexican sage, cannas, glads, gaura, columbine, and bee balm and roses on the other side of the fence but am at a loss as to the back-yard area.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Most anything in the mint family will be safe ...agastaches, salvias, bee bee balms, cat mint. quite a few salvias, most agastaches and the bee balm and catmint will be perennials for you. Most all plants are poisonous to one degree or another. Any plant in the nightshade family could be a potential hazard including tomatoes and rhubarb


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I have found the butterfly bush to be very nice in my backyard. It is very hardy and easy to maintain. It has several different colors to choose from, I went with the deep purple. It is supposed to be an aggressive grower, but easy when managed. I run into the same situation with dogs and poisonous hummingbird plants. I am going to try some single-flowering Hollyhock this year. As far as I know, these plants aren't poisonous. Good luck!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dave's Garden

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Okay, I'm coming up with ideas that may be a little boring, but workable. I think if I mix the salvias with different bloom times and textures I can make it look a little better and I love the butterfly bushes so that is a definite. I'll probably look for some bulbs that I can use too if I can find any that aren't poisonous.

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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

Impatiens, small-flowered cannas, Louisisana irises, nasturtiums?

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I have 5 dogs and tons of poisonous plants. Never had a dog eat any of them. And I have a ridgeback that eats EVERYTHING!
Plant for the hummers, spray the dogs when they go near the new plantings & they'll stay away from them-the water hose works good and so do those little things the kids buy-you throw them & they pop-great dog deterrant!
The hummers are going through now.
Tally HO!

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