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wren-garden(zone 5b/6)March 29, 2009

Are you angry, sad and disappointed about the vanishing of real garden programs on TV. Want to lend your support to the fight to turn this around. Read On

This is taken from a post on the Winter Sowing forum. I know it is long but I would guess important to most of us. There is a lot of info for action, addresses, names, sites etc. In fact Nancy Drew in the 29th post on this thread lists all the addresses and Sewobsessed (founder of the protest) has THE email address for the campaign.

OT: HGTV Protest Campaign

Posted by sewobsessed 5a Upstate Cntrl NY (My Page) on

Fri, Mar 27, 09 at 17:12

Many, many of us are fed up with the lack of real gardening programs on HGTV (what 'G'?). The more I think about all those wonderful shows that are gone/cancelled, the more I fume.

Now, they've even cancelled Gardening By The Yard with Paul James (he was too old!?). What are they thinking?

According to a producer, gardening doesn't sell, but 'landscaping' does. Hmmm, gardeners' don't count to them, only landscape/design/real estate/30-minute-makeover shows do.

Obviously, emails to HGTV don't get anyone anywhere, as you could see by doing a search on GW itself or google. You get a lousy form letter in response.


I happen to have an email addy for a higher-up at Scripps Networks (parent of HGTV) and a list (granted, pretty short so far) of companies that are advertising through them on HGTV and their contact links.

So, if we all hit them where it hurts the most - their advertisers - and email them stating that we've noticed them advertising on HGTV and in protest of the channel cancelling real gardening programs from their lineup, we, as well as our family and friends, will not be purchasing their products or patronizing their stores, do you think we could finally make some sort of impact?

We'd all have to do it as a group on a certain day though, or it wouldn't work (maybe a couple weeks from now?). I thought of just doing it myself, but, well . . . what good is one person going to do?

Do you think something like that would finally, finally get their attention? How many of you would really be willing to do something like this?

Slam Scripps and the advertisers all in one day, they'll get that we're serious?

Anyone know a good way to get the word spread?

How about April 13 for a date? Hit them from all sides all on the same day. Enough time? Someone got a better date?

(Below is the addy for Sewobsesseds blog with more information)


The point of the whole thing is that all those channels DIY/HGTV/FLN/Food Network/GAC are all

owned by Scripps Networks.

The individual channel programming people are the ones that really don't care what we want to watch. Emailing each channel individually results in a form letter reply. But, they have bosses (Scripps Networks). The only people who are going to listen to a complaint of any kind are the head honchos at the parent network and their advertisers. That's who we need to target and I'm trying!

Wren Garden

How could we get word to the First Lady? We could Email every Nursery we use, on or off line, to join us on the 13th. What about every and any vendor that advertises in garden magazines, most list a www.com to contact them. Any college or high school that has a horticulture program. Directors of food banks. Garden clubs and Societies. Oprah! Sewobsessed, help. email me. I am Elizabeth

Go to the Winter Sowing forum here on GW and lend your support and keep up with the developments. Add your ideas and action. Elizabeth

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zzyzx(z9/ss21 So Cal)

You should join my group. "Fed up with pay TV". I used to pay for a cable service but I tired quickly with the barage of commericals and scrolling through listing of channels that I had to pay more if I wanted to watch. In my opinion, 95% of the channels are garbage anyway.

For those fortunate enough to be able located in an area of the County that can receive digital broadcast signals, you will save yourself a heap of money by simply canceling pay service and using the free over the air broadcast feeds. Digital and HDTV broadcasts are crystal clear and without you having to deal with the problems of the old analog reception problems of the past. Granted you don't get specialized channels like HGTV, but the way things are going, who wants them anyway? You ready should spend your time doing other things rather than watching the boob-tube anyway. Read a gardening book, talk to your family member, get out and garden you will be better off financially and remove an aggravation from your life.

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gardengirl_nancy(Z5 Midwest)

wren-garden... I read this post on the hosta forum then I went to the winter sowing forum and read all the posts. I hope it gets put on every forum! Hope this really takes off and we accomplish something out of it. I miss all the garden shows. I especially liked Gardeners Journal and Gardeners Diary.

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wren-garden(zone 5b/6)

Nancy, I have been contacting the sponsors on and off all day. The links to their emails are on the protest blog Sewobsessed set up. I have actually received some email responses that were not automatic form letters but a person that I then can respond back to. Go for it. I find it always the right thing to try. If we just keep the pressure on I think it will have an effect.

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OMG.....I totally agree with.
I noticed over the last month, that there was only one episode of Gardening BY The Yard, instead of the two back to back episodes on Sunday morning. Now you tell me they are going to cancel the show! I get so tired of seeing these landscaping shows where you would have to spend 100,000 dollars to achieve this.I also hate these Decorating for Dummies shows.
I can remeber shows that I used to watch, such as Collectibles Treasures, A Gardeners Journal, etc. Now the only time I watch HGTV is Sunday morning, and since they are canceling my Favorite show, I don't plan on watching the channel any longer.

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