YEA.....First Hummer Sighting

donnalovesblueMarch 25, 2010

I am soooooooo excited! A few minutes ago, standing in front of a kitchen she came! She looks very mature to me and she drank for a pretty long time!

The season is here and I hope all of your feeders will be busy with these precious jewels!


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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

How exciting Donna! What state do you live in and is it early for you to see them?

Looking at the migration maps it seems that they pushed a little further north on the east coast than in past years.


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Congrats to you on getting your very first and how exciting I know that is for you. In the past thats the way its happened here when I get one they sit on the feeder for a good while to feed, guess they are hungry.

For Kens info I believe donna lives in miss. I know she will correct me if Im wrong.

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What a good memory you have, Steve....yep, I'm in east central MS. This is not early for fact, last year my first sighting was 3/18 and I think it was a male.

Looking forward to all of us sharing our hummer stories.

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Donna, you make me smile! Congratulations. There seems to be lots of both males and females moving through here. I think we will have a good hummer season, all of us.

Do you suppose all these feeders out year after year are aiding hummers survive and increase there numbers? I think so.

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I'm in Arizona near Prescott in the high country (which is way north of Phoenix). Saw my first hummer this morning at the small feeder I put out last week!!! I saw they were near me on the migration I've had the feeder out for a week. Nice hearing the flutter of her wings again...I already made much more sugar water for the other feeders!!

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Well, he (?) didn't stop at my feeder but I saw my first this morning as I admired yesterday's gardening in my jammies, with coffee cup in hand. He was carefully surveying my large pine tree--a nesting site?

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

I have to jump in here too. This afternoon I saw something whiz past the office window. Checked at the front door and, sure enough, a ruby throat was on the nearby coral honeysuckle.

When it disappeared, I stepped outside. It was easy to spot nectaring at a NOID magenta pink salvia (microphylla? greggii?).

Life is good when the hummers return, isn't it? - June

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It's so much fun reading about everyone's first sighting this year.

Rob, I'm no expert, but I do believe our feeders help them out and aid in their survival.

2 males have now joined the little female and one is already a bully! Greedy little guy!

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