Gazebo Greenhouse ? HELP

grmadarr(8a)August 27, 2010

I have a gazebo that is attached to my front porch that is not being used and I think it might make a nice GH. It sets on the north west corner of my mobile home.Any suggestions as to how we can accomplish this will be greatly appreciated I have a wonderful carpenter for a son so he could do the work!

ALSO; I got 3 nice plantings from Gardino's and two(Compacta "Regalis" came in tiny pots(app.2 in.). I want to put them together in a pot. Is this the thing to do? The other plant(Hoya Nicholsoniae) came in a 4 in. pot. Should I repot it or leave it in the pot it came in? I will take some pix tomorrow and try to post them so you can see what I am talking about. Thanks for all the help all of you have given me! I love this forum. Darr

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I would be concerned that because the gazebo probably has a raised floor that keeping the heat in during the cold months might be difficult and expensive. I am sure the covering rigid vs poly would be easy enough to figure out with your sons help but before you start think about the heating issues. The greenhouse forum on gardenweb might be a good place to post, lots of experience there.

Hopefully someone can chime in with some first hand knoledge.


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I have owned two houses where I have had greenhouses built off the back but neither was a conversion. The last one was the most efficient. It had a foundation with a knee wall but no solid floor and I had ferns and begonias growing under the benches. There were cedar steps and planking in the middle that we used to access the plants. One thing that I regret not doing was adding a ceiling vent. There were two side windows and a door but still, way too much heat would build up in it, even though we used shade cloth during the summer months. Hope this helps.


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