jupiterplants(10/A)November 7, 2008

Anybody out there have the native fiddlewood ?

After searching this plant , I understood that it had few pest problems.

Well mine is totally decimated !

Tiny little worm that likes to eat and then curl up in a leaf for a nice snooze.

Mine is still in a pot. Not even sure that I am going to keep it.

Anybody else having trouble with this plant ?



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There are 3 in ground in our garden. The first one is a sterile variety I bought as a standard from a native tree nursery in Homestead. It started in the courtyard and was attacked by a similar pest. I rooted a cutting from it and that cutting is now a multi-trunked small tree on the opposite side of the garden (picture below.) The original standard went in the trash. The other two started as 3-gallon shrubs. One still is and it's in the garden as a foundation plant. Rarely flowers because it's in a lot of shade. The other has grown into a small tree in the middle of the garden. Neither has had any pests. Nor has the cutting of the original standard.

Overall, this is a great plant or small tree for fragrance.

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I recently got a small one and so far no problems. But I'll watch it more carefully now. Thanks.

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regine_Z 10 Fl gw

I've have the same problem with one of my Jamaican Capers.It's not supposed to have any pests but there is a caterpillar that is having a grand time munching on the leaves and curling up in them so it's protected from any sprays. My other Jamaican Caper has not been bothered!
Is this what yours looks like?


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Yup, that is it !

Jamaican Capers ? .... great :(

The plant was brand new to the yard. Gave it a hair cut , shook all the loose soil from the root ball
and all of it went into the garbage. Pot, soil, EVERYTHING.

Then I soaked the plant in a bucket of soapy water. I really don`t like to spray unless I must.

Thanks for the responses :)


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Do we know what this cat is?

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You know , after looking at some pics it kind of looks like the orange barred sulphur.

But I am not sure. The fiddlewood is not suppose to be the host plant for them, or anything else for that matter.
( at least I don`t think.)

I have plenty of food for the cats to eat. I was hoping top use the fiddlewood as a small tree.

Okay, Kat needs to chime in now.
Maybe I will just stick it in the butterfly garden.

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