North Hosta vr South Hosta

ilovetogrow z9 Jax FloridaMay 19, 2012

My son and I both grow hostas. To keep our collections apart I have mine on the north side of the garden and he is on the south side. I receive 80% sun on mine and he has 80% shade on his. Here is the difference from 50' away from each other. I thought it was interesting as we got our plants same day same gene pool. Have a great grow day, Paula

This is mine:

This is my son's:

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Well the sun one does look better!

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I also give one vote for yours in the sun. I have a June in the sun and another in the shade. The difference is very similiar to the 2 you have pictured.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


but there is some difference on how the camera captured the color ..

could you bring them each half way to each other.. and take a pic.. with both in the view.. in the same light.. and lets see the difference that way ..

it does not surprise me.. that the wax that makes them look blue.. holds up better in shade.. yours has melted all off ... leaving the green tissue that is always under the wax ..... and that is why it doesnt look as blue...


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

I have Great X in similar conditions, the one in the shade is much darker as well. It starts off bright and then darkens over the season compared to the others.. I will mention one thing though .. this year (the shade plant) has put out by FAR the biggest leaves, a few much bigger than my hand. Where as the brighter plants leaves are maybe the same size as my spread hand and fingers.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Here you are Ken. I took them on 2 different backgrounds. Good idea. Paula

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Hmmm, your planting on the NORTH SIDE and get 80% SUN?
Okay, I was having a senior moment there. The one in the sun does look happier.

Like Ken, I'd like to see the same two hosta in the same photo, to remove any lighting discrepancies by the camera.

I have trouble wrapping my brain around how you accomplish your sun exposure without frying your hosta. In the same latitude here as you are, and only morning sun would I dare expose the hosta to. Late afternoon dappled shade is okay, but full sun, no more hosta. The pots get hot, the soil surface is hot, and I'm sure the roots are cooking.

You've been growing your plants longer than I have mine. I appreciate reading about your experience here in the really deep and coastal south. Perhaps over time I will gain confidence in how much sun is appropriate in Mobile.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Yeah,a big difference! I have found that Great Expectations grows better in morning sun,than in deeper shade. I have all those conditions,and every one in between here,due to the woodlands. as a general rule,all hostas will grow bigger,but fewer leaves in the shade,and more,but smaller leaves in sunny areas. Phil

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jan_on zone 5b

Paula - that is an amazing difference. I have some sunny garden with no hostas - just discovered that perhaps I need more!!!
and bfly8 - I would love to see pics of your two 'Junes' in sun and shade.

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The color is spectacular in the sun GX. Also, I do not notice any difference in leaf size. More leaves on the sun exposed one, and they are not any smaller that I can tell.

Point well made, IGrow.

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