Tracey_nj6 is your feeder up

penny1947(z6 WNY)March 31, 2007

First report has been posted on the map for southcentral New Jersey.


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LOL Penny; yes, I put my feeder out a few hours ago ;)
Normally I don't see a hummer until one month after they've hit Jersey, when they're well into Maine. But I faithfully put the feeders out early, regardless if I see one or not, just in case a migrator needs to stop by. It's sooooo depressing right now; not a thing blooming. I was awfully tempted to hit Lowes today, which I really should've done. For some reason, I saw a butterfly today; black, with white tipped wings, fluttering like crazy. I can't recall ever seeing a butterfly this early! Hopefully the hummers will be here earlier than usual too. I'd be thrilled to be a green spot on the map!!!

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