SRQ Hoya order

wrynsmom(5)August 3, 2010

Okay, my order came in, today. All I can say is WOW! I'll have to take pictures, tomorrow . . . but they are IMPRESSIVE!!!!

I'm totally in love with H. neo-budica. VERY nice plant. Not really what I expected . . . but BETTER!

I ended up with:

H. neo-budica

H. sp. Thailand

H. incrassata 'Moonshadow'

H. parasitica variegata

H. sp. square leaf

H. cv. 'Ruthie'

H. sp. 'Komarindi River'


And I had a fantastic trade with Greedy Ghost! I received:

H. archboldiana (pink)

H. australis 'Lizard Isle'

H. obscura var. longipedunculata

H. pubicalyx 'Chimera'

H. serpens

WOW! is about all I can say . . . fantastic people and fantastic plants!

Thank you both VERY much!!!


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I received my order yesterday.

I received Multiflora, Davidcummingii, and cv 'Sunrise' which is Lacunosa x Obscura.

I previously purchsed a cutting of 'Sunrise' from Thailand that took off. I chopped it up to create a fuller basket and it is going slow. The plant from Thailand has bigger leaves though so I look forward to seeing both of these 'sunrise' plants bloom so i can compare.

I think I may place another order if the sale is still going on. So whoever posted the original thread was a big time enabler :)

-David K

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Yeah, David K, that would be me. hehehe

But, alas, the sale if over. :( Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll have another one before it gets cold!!! ;)


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Looks like you got some nice plants Carolyn. I noticed that the name of one is spelled wrong, the e is missing from Hoya neo-ebudica just in case you were trying to find info on that species online. Hoya neo-ebudica is a neat little plant, I like it's soft leaves and it grows pretty fast once it settles in. The Hoya sp IML 0950 Komarindi River sounds like is another interesting plant from it's description. I was going to add that one to my last order from Mr. Liddle but it eventually got cut from the list.

I for one would love to see some photos of your new plants.


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As requested . . . and promised:

Lovely trade from Greedy Ghost!!! Clockwise from bottom left: H. pubicalyx 'Chimera', H. austalis 'Lizard Isle', H. serpens, H. obscura v. longipedunculata middle: H. archboldiana (pink)

from Joni at SRQ Hoyas

H. sp. Thailand

H. incrassata 'Moonshadow'

H. neo-ebudica

H. sp. square leaf

H. sp. 'Komarindi River'

H. parasitica variegata


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Looks like you racked up there Carolyn!!!! Nice plants!!!

I don't know how well that parasitica variegated will grow for you but for me it is so slooooooow!!! I've had mine now for about 3 years and it's not much larger than what you are showing in your picture.


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I almost purchased that ebudica, but went after the pentaphlebia instead. :) Don't regret it, but that ebud is definitely on my wish list. I love hoyas with beautiful clean lines and colors.

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The Hoya sp Komarindi is my favorite, not all that flashy but I like it. The variegated Hoya parasitica has so much white, wonder it can photosynthesize at all.

You did good Carolyn. :)


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SRQ hoyas look so nice.You picked great ones.I love the variegated parasitica and have a very small plant. I have had it for a year with no new growth.


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Time for me to weigh in. Sorry it took me a while - turns out I need to finish my move to Omaha before the end of the month so I'm super distracted.

First off, confession time! Carolyn, instead of sending you Hoya archboldiana (pink) I sent you Hoya erythrostemma (pink)! Hope that's okay! If you wonder how I managed to make that mistake, see above. ^_~

Next! MY package from Carolyn!

lacunosa 'Snow Caps'

NOID (chlorantha var. tuituilensis?)


NOT ovalifolia

The lack of natural light here in Nebraska at midnight doesn't do these cuttings justice. They all look almost as happy as me. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ Thanks for a lovely first trade, Carolyn!

Next, my plants from Joni's sale arrived too. I can't photograph them all now b/c we have company I don't want to wake, but for now...





My lighting's bad, but that little leaf is a beautiful rose color, not yellow as it appears here

Hoya zenoii trying to infiltrate my sloppily illuminated light box

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Hahaha! I was pretty sure that wasn't an H. archboldiana . . . but I didn't want to say anything. ;) No worries! Maybe next time on the Archie? hahaha

Love the plants!!!! Looks like poor NOID got a little kinked in transit . . .Sorry, bout that. If yours blooms before mine, I'd LOVE to see!!!!

Great pictures!!!!


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My SRQ order came in the other day but I've been so busy I haven't even taken pictures! I think I'll have time tonight though.

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Carolyn and G.G. congratulations on the beautiful hoyas. Some excellent selections you both made. GG, you'll love that camphorifolia....mine seems to be in endless bloom. I received my order from Joni on Monday....WOW!!...just great!!...especially love the red leaves on H. flavida and a fully opened bloom on H. aff. cardiophylla....faint, but sweet fragrance. I kinda wish I had ordered a few of the ones that you two ordered...but, I'm totally thrilled with the seven that I received....very, very nice-sized...and blooms to boot. Enjoy them gals!! Fondly, Patrick

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Congratulations TG & Patrick on your new arrivals! I can't wait for updates.

Patrick, I'm excited that your experiences with camphorifolia are so good! Especially since I'm going to be in your zone now. I think I'm getting better at judging what I'm really going to dig in person. And I really love the red leaves, too, especially when the sun shines through them.

Here is the rest of my order... as you can see, I drove Joni crazy w/a bunch of last minute additions. Because I've completely lost my mind.

flavida (IML 0423)



sp. kunming kina

pottsii (IML 0022)

Thanks for putting up with all the pictures!

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Hmmm... I think TG was supposed to mean tigerdawn somehow... maybe TiGerdawn?

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I finally grabbed some pictures my recent order from Joni. Also, I've added a fungii that I bought from Joni at the beginning of the summer. It's doubled in size and I love it's yummy looking leaves.







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Wow! GG and Knitty:

Those are beautiful! I do believe Joni has outdone herself, this time!!!


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Gorgeous plant everyone!

GG your light box works great. Don't you just love your Hoya graveolens? The texture of the leaves and the way the surface looks, kinda matte finish is really neat.

Knitty your plants look awesome especially that Hoya pentaphlebia. I think a couple of the tags are mixed up though, the first plant looks like Hoya dasayantha or possibly fungii. What is the leaf texture like on the last plant, smooth or fuzzy? That one is not Hoya fungii but it is something interesting, maybe related to Hoya albiflora or an Eriostemma from the look of it. The leaves look quite thin and without the darker veins that Hoya fungii has.


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Great plants everyone!

Greedyghost, I think your cat's jealous of your plants! lol

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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The first one is listed as Flavida (0118) on Joni's site. They do look the same to me?

The fungii is also from Joni's site. I've seen fungiis that look a little different from one plant to the next, so I just assumed there's more than one variety. It has smooth leaves with prominent (but light colored) veins. It's leaves appear thinner than they are, due to their light color I believe. They're moderate thickness. I'll look at the plants you mentioned. :)

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Brad: You don't know the half of it. I talk to my plants almost continuously when I'm watering, misting, and checking them over and apparently I use the same tone of voice as I do with my cat, because he always comes running and then keeps chirruping at me in confusion trying to figure out what I want with him.

Mike: I'll have to feel them when I get home, I can't quite remember my impression. I think I was distracted by the cunning way they are standing out from the vine like round green coins. Is it the matte that makes them photograph so grey in other pictures? I'm with you on the fuzzy texture, though. I'm just smitten with villosa, especially all the new growth its put out for me lately. The baby leaves look like curled green moth antennae.

Knitty's flavida does look like Dasyantha! I assume it must be IML 0118. How different this one looks from the others... @_@ I was struck by that when I was selecting my flavida.

Here is a link that might be useful: SRQ Flavida IML 0118

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Yep, guys! I almost bought that flavida because of the crazy venation! :) The last one, Knitty, almost looks like an australis . . Who knows! But enjoy it!!!!

H. graveolens in one I was soooooooooooo close to buying during the sale. I see the name, look at the plant and think, "grave robbers" hahaha Next time!

Anyway . . . beautiful plants!


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Haha. I too think of crypts when I read that name. Now, when all the other Hoyas start to struggle and graveolens gets super strong and unearthly beautiful, I'll know what's up.

That fungii looks like australis to me, too! If these hoyas keep looking so different from what they are, I'm never going to be able to participate in a "Please ID Me" thread.

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That last one is NOT H. fungii...I do believe it is H. australis. There was a mix up awhile back with this one and I thought I had remedied all that went out.
Sorry about that...I don't have any H. fungii right now but I'll be happy to send you one when I do!


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Thanks Joni. I love the plant and it's leaves, either way. I purchased based on images on your website, not because of a certain name, so don't feel bad! I'll update the label for Australis. Do you happen to know which Australis variety it is? I had been wanting to purchase an australis soon, so I want to avoid duplicating if possible.


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Well now I want that Hoya flavida to, my plant (IML 0423) has thin plain green leaves that are reddish in bright light, nice but not nearly as pretty as that other flavida. I did choose my plant because it is the orange flowered clone that is shown in the Botanova book, really nice plant.

Here is a leaf from my Hoya flavida


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I finally tried out my graveolens leaves and I see now that you weren't talking about a fine fuzzy texture (as I had imagined) at all. They're definitely really different... like cold slightly fossilized cardboard. Neat!

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Hoya from the crypt! hahaha


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The flowers are really nice to from what I have seen but they are supposed to stink, maybe it really is from the crypt. LOL


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Knitty, by looking at the australis (which is not reliable) I'd say it might be 'Brookfield'? BUT . . . if you bought H. australis ssp. australis (keysii), australis sanae, or any of the variegated forms, you would NOT be duplicating! :)


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