Kiwi Question

katkin_gwNovember 22, 2009

I bought a Kiwi plant, both male and female and was told it was a low chile type, but it died this summer. Will this plant grow well in S. Fl or am I wasting my time? I think it got white fly, and I must admit I wasn't able to take good care of it this year. Anyone having success with it? Please let me know what you do?

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smittee(central florida)

I have had simular problem. ONLY the reason I lost my Kiwi was my cats. Cats go after them as tho it were catnip.

This year I bought 3 sets from a very reputable dealer off ebay. They arrived and I unpacked 6 healthy plants. I left the room and when I returned ,less then 2 mins later, 4 plants were on the floor. The one on the table was turned over and the 6th one was missing. I searched and finially found it under our flat TV stand.

I planted them in Pots to give them a head start and the cats (2 in particular) climbed up and were caught chewing on the leaves.

I realize now it was the cats that destroyed the 4 plants I bought last year. I had often found cats near there but did not put 2 and 2 together.

Last week I planted my 3 sets at the base of 3 4x4 fence post. Before I finished filling in the dirt my 'KIWI KILLER KAT" was busy pawing at the ground.

So I built about a 18" circle of bricks around them (looks like a mini fire pit) when each was 12" high I anchored a old round fire grill rack to each circle with another layer of bricks ( I knew I kept those old grill tops for a reason,,lol)

This morning I caught my KKKat sitting on the top edge looking down at my plant would have thought he was watching fish in a pond.

I never thought there was a paticular smell to a Kiwi but evidently there is.

So that is the status of my kiwi-vs-kat saga ..all statement are true BUT I have left out names even though they are NOT INNOCENT.. LOL

I am in Central Florida, My plant dealer who I have been buying from for 3 years informs me, Kiwi are zone 9 and below..aren't You in 10? I also checked with and all three hardy varietys that they carry are also all zone 9. Good Luck and watch out for cats!

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Thanks, for your info. I don't think my problem was cats. The leaves just kept turning brown and dropping off. Maybe they just didn't get enough water this summer.Yes, I think I am the beginning of zone 10. :o)

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Isn't anyone else growing kiwi?

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katkin --- I am. I have 2 sets (a male and female side by side) growing on my field fence. They are fine except they are going dormant for the winter. They are new plantings from March.

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Hmmm, I didn't know they went dormant, maybe that's what mine are, and not dead. I'll wait until spring and see if they come back. Thanks!!!

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Lightly scratch the bark on a branch. If it is green underneath it is still alive.

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:o( After I posted I went out and scratched the bark, but it was dead. I think I'll still wait until spring to see if it comes back from the roots.

Do you have yours in full sun? Mine got a lot of shade, maybe too much and not enough water.

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Kate --- Mine are in full sun. They did like a fair amount of water in the heat of summer and when they were new last spring. That's too bad that your's died. Perhaps I could root some cuttings for you next spring if you want to try again.


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smittee(central florida)

Christine have you ever tried rooting cuttings from Kiwi?

If mine survive the cats and the winter I will have 6 plants and it would be so much fun to do cuttings to share.

I paid $5. per plant on ebay both this year $30. not including shipping and handling. Last year =$20 plus s&h and those are the ones the cats ate. So If I can save someone else the heartburn of spending that kind of money more then once, that would please me. I absolutely love to share.

I have 15 seeds that are ready to dry and send to Freya..However I am trying to have 30 seeds per person, that will allow for the probability of not all of them germinating.

I don't suppose yall are going to be planting right away so If I am allowed a couple more weeks longer I will be able to give every one plenty of seeds.

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Yes, the kiwi can be expensive, I got mine a male and a felmale at a plant sale for $20, and I thought that a bit pricey.

Christine, thanks for the offer, I'll take up on it come spring, if this one is a goner. :o)

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Hello all!
I live in Jacksonville. I haven't been posting much, but read this forum all the time. I do have 3 kiwi vines: 2 females and 1 male, unconfirmed thou... expect confirmation in the coming spring, when they will bloom for the first time. My vines are in the full sun and reached a little over 7 feet in 2 years, which is pretty poor, but at least they survived. It is been a learning experience for me and I would say - they don't like a full sun. I wish I had a partial shade area for them. They don't like a drought and hit of our summers, but need to be watered very carefully too, as the wet feet will kill them in a week or two. Good thing is that they root easily in the summer, from the green softwood cuttings. I have a few rooted cuttings at all times - just in case one of the vines dies. I really want to keep them going and plan covering the base of each vine with some plastic during our wet winter and am thinking about making some kind of an overhead protection from the sun for next summer. I think, that the young kiwis are pretty vulnerable in the first couple of years but after they get established and mature - they should be much easier.

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Thanks Chara for your imput, I'll give them a try again and hope to do better by them the next time. :o)

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I wanted to post an update on my kiwi vines.
I was really worried, since we had all that freezing. I didn't provide any cover for them - simply ran out of the covers, what a pity. But look, they are waiking up now.

I check on them every day, awaiting for the buds to show up. No, not yet. Hopefully, a little later.

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Chara, good for you, sadly mine shows no sign of life. :o(

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