costaricafincaMarch 5, 2008

I have a question to ask to see if anyone has ever seen a hummer at a cleome bloom?

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My hummers love my cleomes. The best part is that here in PA. when everything else has died, the cleomes are still going strong. I have about a hundred in my back yard, every year. The butterflies also love them, especially when the butterfly bush has withered away.

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I guess it must depend on what else is offered to them! I have some but have never seen any of the 7 species we have here, approach one. There are some Cleomes right beside a Russelia equisetiformis.
Thanks for your input.

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Just a note: at long last a hummer has fed at the Cleome!
I will watch the blooms carefully from now on...

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The hummingbirds visting my yard use the cleome but it is not the top on their list. I won't be without this flower though. The butterflies love it.

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