Haven't seen any in a couple of days

johnricksMarch 22, 2009

I am a second year student in hummingbird attracting/watching.

I saw my first himmingbirds a week ago today and they came back for a few days. But for the last couple of days I have seen no activity.

I put in new mix last Sunday and again this morning.

Wuz it sumpin' I said or are they looking for fresh mix?



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You've been used!! Do you feel used? You were probably just a way station on their journey north. There will be many more, so keep up the good work!

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Yes, there will be more. Those few you had at your feeders have merely moved on, but others will show up for sure. As the weather gets warmer, you will have to change the feed more often, and make sure the feeders are clean and free of any mold. I just have one lonely little male right now, so I'm looking forward to his friends joining him. Hope you get lots of hummers this season!


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Whew! That's what I was hoping. Thanks guys!

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I know how you feel too.. I just had one a few days ago and I believe it was a male..large one.. and this morning I saw a very tiny brown one..so maybe in a few more days I'll get a few more... the first visit he came back several times that day..now this morning she only was here for a few minutes...but I'm thrilled to see any...

God Bless

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John, are you still without hummers?

I think the RTs are still moving to their permanent summer locations. I've had RTs and Black Chinned males and females, but now a lot ot the RTs have moved on. Headed your way, hopefully.


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