aurorawa(8B)August 29, 2014

I have obtained several pieces of driftwood from a friend (these are fresh water driftwood, so no need to soak for weeks). She would like me to try and mount a hoya onto one, but I am unsure what hoyas are suitable for this. My choices are limited right now, but I am expecting a 12 bundle from SRQ next week.

Here is what I have:
carnosa compacta
carnosa KQ
kentiana (var)
pubicalyx (pink silver and RHP)
rigida IML 1424
aff. waymaniae IML 1167

Any of these suitable? I want to attempt the waymaniae for my own personal mount, as it grows slowly.

I will post the cultivars in the bundle as soon as I receive them.

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They are not on your list, and you are unlikely to get it in a bundle, but my wildest dream would be to grow hoya imbricata or hoya maxima mounted. Google the pics - those things look out of this world. I actually ordered imbricata this summer, but there was a mix-up and I did not get it in the end. That might have been a blessing in disguise, as that would be my first mount, in my first aquarium (both of which I'd have to get), and the only plant I'd have to water every day... I may only THINK I want it without REALLY wanting it.

On your list, H. wayetii may be appropriate because it develops long aerial roots when given humid environment. I am not entirely sure though, as it grows fast and not very compact, so that may be a problem.

Others I've seen mounted are:
Dischidia ruscifolia and some other Dischidias (including some with ant-harboring leaves like on imbricata / maxima!)

All 4 of the above have small orderly leaves, relatively short internodes, no insane long leafless runners some other hoyas are known for and a dignified growth rate - which are all good things for mounting. Some of the the three hoyas mentioned might even pop up in your bundle, as they are not particularly rare or expensive. (Don't hold your breath though, as the number of options is just too large.) If you want D. ruscifolia, message me.

And then of course there are orchids - the queens of mounts. Possibilities are endless there.

Let us know (AND SEE!) what you decide to do and how it turns out.

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I've mounted:

Anulata (the IML 0084 only)

As long as you keep up the watering, they do fine. I personally wouldn't mount any larger leafed, or ones with longer vines, just because it would be too hard to keep contained in my growing conditions.


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