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patrick51(5)August 11, 2012 name is Patrick and I'm a "hoyaholic" borrow a phrase from David. Today I received a shipment of hoyas from Epiphytica. What's amazing to me is the Jack shipped the hoyas on Monday, and I received them Friday at 9 a.m...the fastest transit ever for me. These plants are NOT the smallish "starter" hoyas that I usually get from overseas..these hoyas are a good foot long, or longer, not counting the roots. Also, as David told me, the EMS charge is about half of what other Thai vendors charge..and a much faster delivery!! I ordered 12 plants, as we're limited to 13 without an import of the ones I wanted was out of stock. The plants are awesome..a bit of wilt on a couple of leaves on two of the thin-leafed hoyas...otherwise, they're all in great conditon.

While on the subject of my hoya addiction...I ordered a VERY neat hoya from CBFM in June...H. carnosa 'Holliana'...I am so impressed with this plant; and I ordered a second one last week, along with a variegated H. kentiana...CBFM sent me 3 free hoyas for this order, including a 3rd 'Holliana'...these pots are filled with 6 or 7 plants each. The 'Holliana' is like carnosa KQ, but the leaves are less than 1/4 of the size, and the leaves are roundish, AND the leaves are very undulating...wavy, similar to H. endauensis or H. kanyakumariana..but, a tad more undulated. This plant has quickly become one of my most "treasured" hoyas. I love all of my hoyas, but only a few are "sentimental" 40+ year old H. glabra, a few hoyas from a dear friend, and now the 'Holliana'. The picture on Ebay of this plant doesn't do the plant's much nicer than the picture indicates. Just a note to other'll love this one, and it's so reasonably priced, too. Fondly, Patrick

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Hey Patrick! (Are you cubits Patrick?) Welcome to GW!
Sounds like quite a haul from CBFM! I love his plants but must admit he has never sent me free plants-I'm so jealous-LOL!!

Were you looking for the lighter colored Krimson Queen? If so, I found them at one of our Home Depots today. They're the ones not grown by EA but someone like Costa Farms or whoever their growers are. I'll have to say they look sorta like Krimson Queen but somehow different-hard to describe so if you get a chance, check all the Home Depots in your area.


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Wow great time on the order and survival rate! Pictures where are the pictures!? ~ Mary

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Great to hear from you again Patrick and congrats on new hoyas!
Where can I find plants CBFM? Does she sells on e-bay or there is another way to get plants from her?


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Hi, Patrick. I'd love to see some photos. :)

I had to think a second myself. CBFM = Cowboy Flower Man, an Ebay vendor.

Here is a link that might be useful: His hoyas for sale.

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I'm very jealous about free plants too!! Congratulations, I know it's hard for you to get quality hoya after all that time shipping. I was looking at Epiphytica the other day.. but the site says rooted cuttings. Are the plants in a pot? Shipped with soil? I would love to see photos as well! : D


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It's okay Patrick you can borrow my phrases anytime!!!! My last shipment from Jack had a VERY good turnaround time as well. Although now that I think about it just about all the orders that i've ever gotten from jack have traveled fast with the exception of about 2 and i've ordered from him well over a dozen times now.One got destroyed by U.S. customs for not having a phtyo certificate and the second one just got tied up someplace for one reason or another.

Keiko, Jack (Epiphytica owner) send very nice well rooted starter plants that as Patrick said range in size from a foot to well over a foot in length. I don't know what his growing medium is that he actually grows his plants in in Thailand but when he ships hoyas he removes them from their pots and wraps sphagnum moss around the roots then secures it in place with a little plastic baggies and rubber bands.

I've been ordering from Epiphytica now for several years and have never been disappointed with anything that i've gotten from them. As Patrick mentioned though without an U.S.D.A. issued import permit,there is a limit to how many cuttings/plants you can import. Without the permit that number is 13 if you live in the U.S. I don't know what the rules are for any other countries.


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David, thank you for all the details! It's nice to hear from people with experience ordering plants. It's too scary to spend big bucks without doing background checks. :)

$100 minimum order on the site, phew! I try to keep it around $70 XD haha. I can't believe I even spend that much! Plant orders in the summer, plant shows in the spring.. and of course, who wouldn't put plants on their xmas list :) A year ago I wasn't even interested!

(maybe Epiphytica will be next summer)

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Phew indeed, LOL! It's amazing how addicting this hobby is and how costly!! I'm sure I'll break down and order one of these days but not this season. I've already gone much, much overboard.

I'm going to enjoy David's and Patrick's hoyas on the forums for now.


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I just wanted to clarify the rule I follow for US import, over 13 you need a USDA permit which can be applied for and takes at least two months to receive. The second rule is 12 or under do not need an import certificate but do need the phyto certificate which is paid to the shipper and they provide in a pouch on the package with the paperwork, this certificate is required for all orders to prove the plants are pest free. The phyto and the EMS shipping run me 45 dollars total. So the order of 100 dollars and add 45 is the rule I use. David describes the packing perfectly. ~ Mary

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Mary is "spot" on with the rules and the cost, counting the phyto-cert and the shipping...the main difference with Epiphytica is that the shipping cost is significantly cheaper than most other Thai vendors. With another order from Thailand this year, the shipping alone was $57..and that was for 13 plants.

Sorry folks..I'm simply too dumb to figure out how to take decent photos..and much too dumb to figure out how to post them...a friend has offered to come and teach me to post pictures...when that happens, I'll post pictures...but, I wouldn't hold my breath!! LOL Fondly, Patrick

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