Hummingbirds Have Arrived in Southeast Alabama

mimidi6March 12, 2011

Not only have I had my first sighting today of a hummingbird but a good friend has too. We live about 10 miles apart. They are all around us.

I have reported the sighting to both maps.

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I am so very happy they have arrived finally for you

So is this early or about right for you.


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OK, now I'm already beginning to get a little jealous!!!!!

I am in east central MS and no sighting at my feeders yet. (just 2 up now). Last year my first hummer arrived on 3/18. Getting close!!! LOL!

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I just moved to SE Alabama from Orlando a few weeks ago. I put out a feeder Monday night and 5 minutes later a hummingbird came to it!!! Couldn't believe it! I think I scared him away because I got so excited. Do you know of any nurseries in area that carry a lot of hummingbird and butterfly garden plants. I am a big gardener for both and haven't found much plant wise so far.


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