Cassia Tree Identity, Can You Help?

floridabear(10b)November 15, 2007

I managed to buy (3) 5 foot tall Cassia trees at Lowes yesterday, for only $5.00 each! BUT I don't know what variety they are. The label said they were Golden Tabibuia trees, which I know very well they are not! But these are in bud and starting to bloom now. Does that give you any hint? OR do they all bloom now? The yellow flower is a large single flower, about the size of a 'small quarter'. The flower cluster isnt overly full, like a Tabibuia, I know I am spelling that wrong, sorry, but they are in full bud now.

So there must be only certain Cassias that bloom this time of year in south Fla, right?? They are in 3 gallon pots and I have trimmed them up and they HAD a lot of large soft green scale on the new growth, BUT they hadn't deformed the growth at all, so I bought 3, and spent yesterday squishing the scale by hand, ICK!,and then sprayed the trees with Isotox after, to catch any I missed, and I will keep an eye on them for the next month or so to see if any more appear. But at $5.00 for a 5 foot tall trees in bud/bloom...THAT is worth the risk!

I hope the Isotox isn't to strong for the tree,the bottle says it is for trees and soft scales, so I used it. If it defoliates, hey, the leaves will come back! Are Cassias evergreen or are they deciduous trees? These are dropping a FEW leaves, but I don't know if it is because of the scale, or the time of the year, or just normal leaf drop, they are bottom stem leaves, NOT new growth leaves.

Does anyone know if Isotox is ok to use on a Cassia? In case I need to spray again.

So..which varieties could these be? I know they are Cassias, but all the yellow Cassias look so much alike, I can't figure out which they are. They are all the same variety that I know, but I can figure out which one. AND if any 'common' name is out there as well, that would be great! Thank you in advance.

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

2 that it could be;

Senna surattensis;

Senna splendida

Orlando,FL z9b/10a

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I have two that are now in bloom. One is called Pride of Burma and has smaller leaves and the blooms are small. It is the first time it has bloomed for me - I have it in a pot and it has struggled. The second is the Candlestick cassia, which has bigger blooms that come from the center and are much larger.

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

I have two in bloom now. Cassia alata and bahamensis. The alata has rounder leaves and I think it's called candlestick and bahamensis has smaller pointed leaves and is more of a shrub They are both in the ground.

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vireyafl(710 FL)

I have 3 cassias in bloom right now. One is a large tree and was labeled Cassia siamea (it is covered with blooms right now but produces less flowers through out the year). Another is more shrub like about 12 feet high and 15 feet wide and was labeled Cassia bi-capsularis (this one seems to bloom once a year at this time). The third one is Cassia alata which is more shrub like and blooms on and off.

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Well it looks like I have 3 Senna 'Splendidas' Is there a common name for it? Are the leaves on that tree very thin? Mine are. That is the only thing that looks slightly different. How big does this tree get? Thanks a lot for the pictures and the replies.

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Very thin leaves? Could it be desert cassia? ;o)

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

This is Senna polyphylla, the Desert Cassia. It has very small leaflets;

Orlando,FL z9b/10a

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I meant thin as not thick like a magnolia trees leaves. Not thin like tiny,like on a thorny cassia or an acacia tree,or a poinciana tree. Eric 9B the flowers in that last picture looks the same, BUT, those leaves are VERY VERY tiny next to my leaves. I meant my leaves are not thick,like on an orange tree, or a magnolia. They are paper thin and they are the Splendida tree.

Those leaves in your last pictures are what I expect on an Acacia tree with comes with thorns all over it. THAT is my next tree! I need to find that tree....anyone got seeds and care to share?? I have many neighbors I would love to keep from touching MY gardens flowers! Have them reach through an acacia tree/shrub to get some flowers, and get a nice sharp surprise!!

People are helping themselves to my Golden Chalice flowers every night! I go to bed with 12 flowers open,and wake up with 1 left! And they didnt ripen and fall off!!
My 3 trees are the Splendidas. No new scales so far,and the leaves are holding on. So...they go in the ground in about a month or less. Got to be sure the bugs are gone first.

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Does anyone have a picture of the cassia called Goldne Shower?

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Is Cassia Bicapsularis the same plant as Arbusto Floreado Cassia (Cassia Flowering Bush)? And will they survive in Zone 8b, and if so how do I need to protect them during the winter/ or cut them back in winter?

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