Three more NOIDS

plantgnome(6b//7)May 31, 2012

Three more that I need help with.

I know I planted an Amy elizabeth about 4 years ago. So I think shes #1 photo

The other two I don't know. #2 gets very tall and gets very thick flower stems with huge white flowers in July-August. Oh and It was divided in half last fall.

#3 also gets white flowers in July August




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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Pics allow us to guess, based on our experience. With that in mind, you can take these as guesses:

1. August Moon
2. One of the plantaginea family, probably Royal Standard, but if the blossoms are about 6" long, you have plantaginea (the parent). Wonderfully fragrant. Ken has a blossom measurement scale for distinguishing the various members of the family. Watch for it, usually in August.
3. Twilight

You should get lots of useful suggestions from other folks here. Great bunch!


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Steve - I was going down right behind you until I came to the third one, but 1 & 2 were just first visual impressions as August Moon and plantaginea. I never did a vp count for example. And actual leaf measurements are always rather important for an ID, especially when dealing with a solid chartreuse or green hosta.

I can't even venture a guess on #3. It looks a lot like my Diana Remembered or Wide Brim, again in general appearance without vp or size. Knowing the leaf size (and estimated age of the plant) would easily seperate Wide Brim from Diana Remembered.

Being lousy at identifying an NOID, I remind you plantgnome, my choices are like throwing darts. I know we all want to KNOW what our hostas are, or at least something to hang our hats on until we narrow it down. (see my post on IDing what I have been calling my Francis Williams: being mislabeled at the nursery, FW works for me until a better ID comes along. My measurements have
always worked for FW fot the age of my hosta)

I am sure some people disagree with my "call it something close" approach, but "oh well!".


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Babka NorCal 9b

1. ?
2. Invincible
3. Diana Remembered


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I can see the shiny leaves on #2: I can buy into Invincible


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Okay the votes for #3-Diana Remembered it is (I remember buying a diana something, the mind is a terrible thing to waste LOL)
And invincible it is for #2

No 1-has been in the ground at least 3 years-wouldn't august moon be bigger?

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Babka NorCal 9b

If you look at the photos in the Hosta Library, Amy Elizabeth has a dark green edge, so take that name off the list. Do you have any old pics of that hosta to see if it has always been solid?


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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

I can see the shine on #2 but thought Invincible had much wavier edges?

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No prior photos babka sorry. This is the first year I have taken photos of Hosta's I never knew there was such a huge fan base for Hosta's till recently.
Eleven-I also didn't think Invincible got so tall, my other one is much shorter and they are about the same age. Invincible (tagged) at lower left of photo. (also wish I could ID the one on the right of photo)

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Here's a pic of my August Moon - a mature plant with a 6" ruler on it.

It is about a 7 year old plant, but I had to rescue it as one of my daughters (as in twin daughters) distressed plants so it had been set back badly.

Here's my mature Gold Drop: very similar to AM but about half the size of August Moon.

It gets very little sun so isn;t showing its color as well as my August Moon.


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Here's my young Diana Remembered taken yesterday. This is her 2nd season in my garden out of the nursery. She looks like a prety good match.


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Those are beauties-I probably do have August Moon-thats what I'll tag it for now.
I have twin granddaughters but they are only 2 1/2 but quite capable of trampling plants.
I'm going to measure my possible August Moon when I get home today.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what about grand slam for the green wavy one??

or one of the ventricosa???


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Pretty positive that is Diana Remembered. Going to buy metal tags tomorrow for the new ones and to tag the rest. So I won't have to ask anymore ID's. As long as the squirrels don't dig them up.

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