can't find trellises I want

greentoe357August 11, 2013

I need to get a few trellises for my hoyas (small one-shoot regalis, a brevialata and a wayetii) and maybe for a velvet leaf philodendron - although I might give that one a totem pole to climb instead.

To my surprise, I cannot find many trellises that I'd like to buy. I found this ( and this (, but would want to have more choice. Here are a few pictures of the trellises I like that I fished out of google image search:

The part that goes into the mix should be 4-5 inches wide and the above-ground part should be 12-18 inches tall or so.

Any direction you can provide?

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Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? They have some interesting smaller trellises.


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teisa(6) is where I found mine. Some you had pictured is available there.


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There's small metal/wire fencing that's has a repeat pattern across it's width. Cutting out one of the the open "panels" might work for you. They can be found at HD and Lowe's.

Lobby Hobby does carry some small really cool ones as rennfl mentioned. And I think the ones Teisa recommended are quite inexpensive on Amazon.

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No Hobby Lobby where I am.

Monet, I saw the fencing you are talking about, do not like the shape, too straight-up and simple.

Amazon is a good idea. For some reason google product search was not bringing up all the Amazon options. No trellises I like are free shipping though. The only acceptable price with shipping I found was an 8-pack for $18 delivered - not bad at all. Will see how it looks in person, but mission accomplished for now.

Thanks, all.

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I like to repurpose whenever possible. I recently needed trellises, and being somewhat frugal, I purchased a bamboo roll-up blind at the thrift store, $1. The little round strips are great for making teepees and the slats are used for trellises. A web search will give many ideas and instructions.

I had plate hangers that I no longer needed, so I cut the springs into short lengths and twisted them around three of the little round sticks to make my teepees. Trellises are laid out in pattern on the floor and held in place with a dab of super-glue. This makes binding them together much easier.

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An added note:
I use the green Velcro type plant tape from the garden center to attach stems to my trellises. It's easy to attach, adjust or remove and doesn't damage stems. The color blends in and is practically unnoticeable.

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