where to buy or how to make cheap mister

tillynillyMarch 7, 2006

I really want to get a mister for my hummingbird garden but I don't want to pay more than 20 dollars on it. Do any of you know where to buy or how to make a cheap, EFFECTIVE, mister that my hummingbirds will love! If you could just tell me that would be swell...thanks a million you guys are really a big help!

with love Tilly

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Last year I saw a plastic free standing mister that was S shaped at Home Depot. I think they were around $5-$7. That was they only place I have seen them. I was going to get one but never did get around to it. Haven't seen them yet this year. Now if you want to go cheaper than that, you can get a trigger water nozzle with multiple settings. One of those settings has a mist setting. I have one of those and I hook the trigger over a short shepherd's hook or wire it to a post. The spray nozzle is less than $2.00 at WalMart and it works just fine.


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I have bought the S shaped one from Home Depot and a nicer model from Wild Birds Unlimited for under $20. I cannot attract anything with them. I have moved them to several different locations, but nada!!!!!!!

I would love to hear some success stories about misters. Please describe in detail the location that WORKS!!!!

gayla in Mississippi

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I have mine spraying right on my flowers most of the time when they use mine. I have also hooked it up right in the middle of the yard and watched them fly through the mist.


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If you like a mister, some of you may also like the bird water cooler for birds which I thought was pretty unique at this web site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard Bird Watcher

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I love that! What a great idea! I think it would work better to put it on a post than hang it though so all the water wouldn't slosh out.
I'm going to try a mister this summer and just aim it toward some leaves and my little bird bath. I wonder if the height is important - except that I don't want to put it so low that a cat would try to get my hummingbirds. Do they like to be close to the shelter of a tree? Thinking about hanging one from a tree limb.

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I have a dumb question do you leave it running all the time? I have been trying for years to get hummers. A few sightings each year but last year I had a regular the last few weeks of the season. I ma hoping he show up this year. But I would hate to run a mister for nothing.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I only run my mister during the time I want to water the plants. It lets the hummers fly through the mist and it waters the plants. Sometimes the hummers will perch on a large leaf that is being sprayed and bathe on the leaf.


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I found a cheap water timer at Home Depot. It is the Melnor Flowmeter Water Timer for $10.96. I went to one Home Depot and they were sold out, so an employee checked other stores and found one, but mentioned that they were on clearance. The next price up was $30.00, so I bought two. I just got a mister to try this year. Hope it works!!

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the Water Time at Home Depot

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I'm at a loss. I found a spray bottle that has a fine mist and I have lots of questions: 1) Do I take the tip off the sprayer to attach somewhere else? If not, how do I get rid of the handle/stop flow part of it so it will mist continuously? If so, what do I attached it to?

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

I have a mister attached to my bird bath. Though I've never seen a hummer there, the other birds just love it and it keeps the water in the bird bath nice and fresh. Our outside kitties even like to hop up to take a fresh drink. I have Autumn Sedum planted under the bird bath which also loves the extra water. We usually keep it on during the day. My husband even fashioned one using a high pressure valve from Tractor Supply using different connectors.

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I have seen some nice misters on QVC and at home depot but I just use the cheaper one from walmart with multiple settings. The thing is I have never had a hummer fly into the mist but I have seen them bathe on wet plant leaves. I use a mister for my garden not necessarily for hummers.

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