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scsva(7/VA)August 4, 2012

Hi GG,

Now that I'm evidently copying you with the square plastic pots, what do you use for saucers under the pot?

I got mine from Chula's.


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I don't use saucers under most of my pots, because they're sitting in flats that catch the runoff. But when I do need to use saucers, I just wedge them into the classic round ones. At their current size, most of my strategy revolves around avoiding the use of saucers whenever possible. I like to be able to pick up my plants in groups and move them to the table to water and prune and inspect. I get lazy when there are a bunch of free standing plants sitting in front that need to be moved. :X Probably these Dischidia are one weekend away from being relocated.

I do collect the white square saucers for my large aircone pots, from packaging that comes with frozen samosas. I talk about it here. I'm pretty sure there is a slicker solution out there, but I am eating samosas as fast as my plants are maturing so far. :P

Sorry I can't be more help. ^_^ Let me know if you come up with something brilliant.

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I'm not too terribly worried about it right now because my plants are outside on my front porch. My front porch looks like a jungle with pathways to walk. LOL! I love your plant set. I call my plant setup a "redneck sunroom" and I hope I don't offend anyone by saying that. I guess I'm as redneck as anyone. I feel so peaceful out there and when I get the harpy music going, I'm ready to channel spirits. LOL!!!


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Yeah, I have to be OCD about how my plants are organized because I don't have the luxury of sequestering them in their own private space to go wild. It makes my blood pressure go down to be near my plants, too. That's why I made the decision to put mine right underfoot, even though it earns me weird looks when I have visitors.

I miss having a front porch. It's the best room a house can have, imo. So, this harpy music... are you using it to channel feral bird women, then? jk ;)

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Yes, visitors don't quite know what to say so usually they say nothing. I kid you not, non plant people can sit down in the midst of all the plants and not even make a comment about them. LOL!!!

I went back and looked at your plastic containers and I think I have probably put too much soil in my 6 inch containers. I probably should just do halfway of the pot.

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