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SavannahsUncleMarch 7, 2014

Hi All,

Long story short, we have a mother who we watched build a nest and apparently hatch eggs (over the course of a few weeks we saw her go from nesting to recently buzzing from flower/our feeder back to the nest, where it looked like she was feeding babies).

Sadly, yesterday the landscapers in our area trimmed the trees and while they didn't actually harm the nest they came very close to it, and now it's very exposed (on the tip of the branch, although still surrounded by leaves). The mother (who we named Jewel for her pretty colors) came back and for a while was exhibiting the same feeding behavior, but as time passed her visits to the nest became fewer and now it appears that she's abandoned it entirely; we haven't seen her in the nest since early yesterday afternoon.

We're thinking that the babies must have died, and now we're wondering what will happen to the nest. There are 2 flowering trees near our house and we've seen at least 3-4 hummingbirds between the 2 of them, including Jewel. Will one of them eventually take over the nest? FWIW, there's still activity in the tree, and I actually saw one of them at our feeder this morning.

Thanks in advance.

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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

How sad. Anna's hummingbirds will sometimes take the materials from nests to build another. Some hummingbird species will reuse their nest, or build on top of their previously-used nest. Many nests are stretchy--by the time the fledglings leave, it has expanded too much to begin with eggs again. But if the female likes the site, she may build on top of the existing nest, sometimes returning to the same site yearly.

But it sounds as if the conditions around this one are no longer suitable for raising young; maybe there was too little sun protection after the pruning or the exposed site caused the young to fall to predators. Since the conditions have been changed, I'm guessing the site is unlikely to be reused this year.

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