What could be wrong?

valtorrez(6b)May 4, 2014

All plants planted 4 years ago at the same time. Now the hostas on right are large with one on left staying or even getting smaller. The two in back is shade sunshare.

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Last year they were more even

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Closer up of this years plants

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Put your button on the right and your photos will be right side up.

So, is your question about some growing larger than others? Or, have some gotten smaller than they were last year?


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Some have gotten significantly smaller and I am trying to see if anyone could assist me in seeing why. I will repost pictures

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Issues like this are usually lack of water, either something stealing the water, not enough water getting to some, or the soil drying out faster in one spot vs another. House overhangs will stop rain from getting to any that are closer to the house and the right side ones might be out more or have more soil that doesn't dry out as fast.

Since I see a gutter on that side of the house I would guess that not enough rain water is getting into the bed on the left compared to the right side that is out just a little more. Or maybe there is some kind of other plant/shrub farther to the left we can't see that has sent some roots into that side.

Your coral bells appear to be doing great and since those like it more on the dry side and don't need nearly as much water as the hostas that could be another clue.

To solve the problem I would consider building out the bed away from the house more or just try and remember to water the ones against the house more often.

Hope that helps.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Chris is correct. Make that bed much larger and move the plants out from under the overhang. Make sure you improve the soil with a good amount of organic matter. Provide supplemental water when Mother Nature doesn't give them an inch a week. The bed will look better with more width and all the Hosta will grow much larger than you currently see.


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Thanks everyone I decided to do what I did to my hostas in full sun. I dug down 3-4 inches and put water bottles so that I can make sure they r watered. I just remembered that the hostas on the right get hit by sprinklers but not the ones on the left. This bed only holds hostas so it has to be watering issues. I never thought the hostas that r getting larger would get that large. I did this bed when I was a newbie and had my measuring tape based on what tags stated lol.

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