Hummingbirds and insecticide

flowerthyme(NW)March 14, 2007

I have some hibiscus that I have to bring inside for the winter and they always get a lot of bugs when I do that. The hibiscus forum suggested I use a systemic insecticide, but I am worried that when I put them out for the summmer, that it will harm the hummingbirds and other beneficial insects that drink nectar. Does anyone know if it will harm them or not?

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I would post on the organic gardening forum and see what they would suggest. Good question.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I bring my abutilons in and just hose them down before I do. So far I haven't had a problem.


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Thank you for your responses. I have posted on the organic forum now. Thanks for the suggestion.

My abutilons don't seem to get any bugs, or very seldom. They seem easier to control. But the hibiscus are bug magnets and I spray them with Safer or something comparable and hose them off and in a few weeks they are back!!!

Maybe if I use the systemic, I should just keep them in all year. They are just kind of messy (lots of flowers falling).

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