michael1846(6)March 24, 2014

I want hummers in the garden this year. I love birds! From what i understand they like red plants that have trumpet-ey flowers. What are some good plants for them? I will get a butterfly bush and i have bought snapdragons and petunias for them. What are some good plants?

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Welcome Michael. Bee balm (monarda) is an excellent hummer plant, it's perennial and can be used for teas as well. If you have the room for a large vine, hummers love trumpet vine and honeysuckle.

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Thanks ill have to think if i have a place my humming bird feeder going to try to get them with plants :)

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

They like Saliva guaranitica, which includes the well-known 'Black & Blue' cultivar, and turk's cap/Malvaviscus drummondii the most down here. The tops of both these plants die back in the winter, but return faithfully each spring.


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zackey(GA 8b)

My hummers love my golden dew drop plant.

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In my opinion snapdragons and petunias are not good hummingbird plants, try these-- there are many other good ones but these are nice staples to get started.

Any salvia greggii
salvia lady in red, black and blue , blue ensign, salvia oxyphora
cardinal flower [lobelia cardinalis]
coral honeysuckle vine
bee balm
cuphea david verity

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I planted lots of hummer friendly plants last year and by August I had swarms of them. I also had a Rufous drop by for 2 days in August which isn't normal for Southern Virginia.

Black and Blue Salvia
Maraschino Salvia
Gartenmeister Bonstedt
Lady in Red Salvia
Bee Balm Jacob Cline
Pineapple Sage
Mexican Bush Sage
They also love a shrub I've had for years "Abelia" it has white tubular flowers.

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