So anxious.

hbwright(z7bSC)March 14, 2007

My first visitor was the 1st of April last year and I'm so anxious for this years visitors. Last year was so busy with them that I just know they'll all be returning.

I got my feeders all ready just filled a little bit hoping to catch my evening hummer the first time he comes by. Last year he stopped by my front door while we were eating and announced his arrival. Hopefully he'll be as courteous this year too.

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I'm pretty much feeling the same way as you, although maybe a little less confident about their return. I didn't see my first last year until May 2nd, and he was dipping into my Bleeding Hearts. He was not as courteous as yours. He didn't stop to say hello, and after he finished lapping up the nectar, he just zipped off without so much as a wave.

I'll probably put my feeders out in early April, but I don't think there's much chance I'll see one before April 15th. I'm not sure how many we had last year. There was an adult male, an adult female, and at least two young ones that started coming around by mid summer. I don't know if we had more than that, so I'm worried. We may have only had 4 birds. What if none of them survives? Will others come and take their place? I think so, but still I wait and worry.

--signed, Anxious in Pittsburgh.

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cs7580(zone 7 TN)

I'm looking for the little ones too. I got my old feeders ready to go, and I'm trying to make some home made feeders this year. I got some seeds growning in the house. This is the 1st year I'm trying to get flowers to grow wish me luck I'll need it lol

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I'm not quite sure when our first showed up last year but during the mid to late summer we as many as 20 at a time in the backyard. They should be starting to arrive here in the next couple of weeks, I have 3 feeders up now and will add more as they start showing up. We've also worked pretty hard to add many more of their favorite plants into the gardens. I am expecting a big return going by the success we had last year.

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St Augustine, FL.
Saw my first one at 2:00 pm today! Small red-throated. I had put out my feeders about a week ago...I had a "feeling" they would be here sooner than later

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My aunt is located in Old Fort, NC, and I just received a card from her, saying she saw her first hummer a few days ago, earlier than usual. I'm getting anxious too, as we all are, I'm sure ;)

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You have a good name there , it is also mine. I remember the first year that I lived at my present address didnt really know if I would see hummers, but I was standing in my front yard by the yard light and this hummer buzzed my head, no I wasnt wearing anything red , its not my color , but I got busy getting some feeders out.

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