First migrant hummer

terri_pacnw(z7-8 WA)March 18, 2008

I just took some photos of a Rufous male.(He was being shy, so I couldn't get to close before he zipped off then back.) I noticed him earlier today..All rusty with only a slight "flair" around the neck. He's bothering my Anna's that have been with me all along. I just brought in the 2nd feeder to clean and change food. They both share a double sided shepards hook, I might just have to move one of them to another part of the garden. So that the migrants can feed without the resident Anna's chasing them away.

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I saw my first hummer this morning...I about spilled my coffee on my computer monitor as I jumped up RAN into the kitchen a whipped up a batch of nectar...scrounged around in the garage for the feeder and got the bird seuet feeder down and replaced with the hummer feeder...I waited on the porch with baited breath, knowing my little guy was somewhere nearby watching ME...but decided I better come in, so as not to scare him away...

OH JOY!!!!!

I've got a new 12.1 megapixel camera with a good zoom, ready to go :)

did I mention OH JOY!!!!!

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Wahooooo for you!!!! I'm SO jealous! I noticed on the migration map that one was spotted in Southern MO yesterday...I can't WAIT for them to get up here!! Enjoy the little fella and be sure to post some pics for those of us still waiting for them to come home!

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I don't know where mine are, they are usually here around March 15th. I have had my feeders up for 2 weeks, my Salvia Greggiis are in full bloom, but I have not seen a single hummer! It was 85 degrees here yesterday.

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texanjana...don't give up!!! Mine were a little late this year..well, about 10 days or so...saw my first on 3/22 and now I have 3..2 males and 1 female...I hope it's a banner year for's my favorite part of the summer and early fall...think I'll begin "stocking up" on the sugar!!! Where in Texas are you?


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I am in Austin. I just saw one on a feeder this evening! Yay!


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congrats Jana...if you have one, there are surely lots more to come!!! I've got three hummers and first time bluebirds nesting (mama is incubating) just doesn't get any better than that!!!

Happy Hummin'


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I saw 2 yesterday!! fighting over the feeder....what a wonderful sight....I noticed that they were very black/dark looking, I dont remember that from last year. It seems to me that the ones I saw last year where much lighter colored.

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The fighting over the feeders is just amazing to peak hummer season, I have 12 or 13 feeders and there is always at least two or three who spend most of their time chasing off everyone else, when there is enough feed for all...such fun to watch those "bullies" who want all the feeders for themselves!!!

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last year I had one guy who sat post on the hanger thing that the feeder is attached too...he'd sit there and then buzz off to a nearby crepe myrtle tree, and the second someone else came along...the chase would start...and he'd run them off, then perch on top of the thing, like he's king of the mountain!

I had 3 feeders from one end to the other of the back side of the house and it was like the autobon...actually had to duck a few they were so intent on chasing each other, they were clueless about what was going on around them...The one guy tried to run them off from all 3 feeders!!! poor thing must have run himself ragged trying to keep up....

I cant wait for the show to start all over again this much fun...this year, I'm equiped with a much better camera..and I'm figuring out a way to hook up a web cam outside to get some closeups!!!

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