Floating Applesauce?

orffbearOctober 10, 2013

Hi everyone,

I've canned applesauce for years using the Ball Book recipe/ procedure. It seemed like the first batch I did this year had more air - the texture just looked odd - more foamy (although no actual foam) than solid, if that makes any sense. Tasted fine, although again, a little less "solid" than previous years. I went ahead and canned it, but when I removed the canning lid, one jar was floating on its side. All lids sealed, but this morning, there is a liquid separation at the bottom of the jars and distinct air bubbles in the sauce part.

Any thoughts as to why this is? The only thing I can come up with is that the apples were somehow different. I did use a slightly different mix of apples than previously because they were here and needed to be dealt with. It is only a small batch, so no great loss.

Your comments welcome.


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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

Some apples have more air in their cells than others. It sounds as though it was too thick if it has the bubbles and separated. It will be fine, though. Applesauce should move in the jars when you gently shake them. If it doesn't, it is too thick.

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My apple chunks are more 'floaty' than usual. Might be the year. My jars were actually floating in the BWB, qt jars filled correctly and at the end of the processing time, 2-3 jars were floating. I was worried about the jars possibly be broken, but that wasn't the case. This happened to 5-8 batches out of the 12-15 batches that I did. All apples were from 2 trees and it didn't matter which tree the apples were from.

All sealed fine, but I will be watching.

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Thanks everyone. It does move in the jars as in previous years, just a different textural thing, I guess. Since it was just a small batch (all sealed), I put it in the refrigerator anyway. It will be used for cooking in the near future, so I'm not worried. Just curious.

Thanks again,

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