They're heeeeeeeeeerrrrrre

ctnchprs_daughter(8)March 19, 2009

Just landed on the feeder but was backlit so I could not identify. Will conduct reconnaissance and report back, hopefully with photos.

Oh, and one more thing... Daddy-you're jeeeaaaalous! NaNaNaNa booboo!!!


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Little male Black-Chinned.

I had to take the picture with full optical zoom from about thirty yards away, hence the fuzziness.

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I'm in San Antonio and Black Chinned males are what we are mostly seeing here as well. A friend of mine at work had two of them fighting so hard over her feeder, they crashed into her window. But both survived to fight again!

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Yes , I bet daddy is jealous, but I am also surprised he doesnt have any yet.

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I am also in Austin, and like clockwork I had one on a feeder yesterday. They always seem to arrive about March 20th. Yayyy!!

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