What trees in your yard are hummers nesting in?

susansez2luvMarch 11, 2008


Now that I've got a great garden for hummers ( after three years of plantings from members advice) I'll like to get one to nest on my property. This question is mostly for Anna's. What trees in your yard have hosted nests in the past or right now for that matter. Maybe by next year I can have a tree big enough for a mom. Thanks for the help


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I have often noticed a few hummingbirds around my yard, since the Aloe is now blooming hopefully I will see more.

Oh wow ..... I discovered a nest in the messy Acacia tree but I just don't know which type of hummer it is. lol

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pamperedavonchefof3(zone 8)


Which type of aleo is that bloomin? I have never seen any around here bloom. I have a century plant that favors an aloe but it getting to huge for its pot.


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Jamie;- I believe it is Aloe vera.


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