First Hummer of 2010

rob_a(9)March 10, 2010

Well I had a very welcome visitor at lunch today. A nice RT male at my feeder. I haven't seen him since I got home from work, but hopefully he will stay for a day or two. Or some of his brothers will show up.

I only have one feeder out and will put one or two more out tonight. Not much blooming yet, but it's been warm here all week. Maybe the Sages will start in a few days.

So I'm sending hummers north and east. Get your feeders ready!

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My wintering three were still around as of Monday- my immature female Rufous, my male RT, and my other immature unidentified one. Well, I haven't seen the Rufous since then. We have had 3 warm days now so I am figuring some or all might leave soon.

I would love to know where they end up for the summer. Do any of you have banders come to visit your yards? If you are interested in doing so, I can put you in touch with one or two who have come down here in Florida to band. I know both go north to band during the summer. I was told Fred bands in Idaho and Doreen bands in the Carolinas and goes to Canada.

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Send em on up here rob! I have my feeders filled and out.

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Contratulations Rob. I have feeders ready just waiting for the hummers to show up in my yard. That cold be anytime now.

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Woo-hoo! Let the fun begin, and thanks for the heads up.

I might add that the Monarchs are also on the move from the fir forests into South Texas - so be on the lookout for them, too!


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Good for you rob.

Im wondering how the hummers do in your area. Do you just see them as they pass thru, do any stay there the entire summer or is your main activity when they come back in sept/oct.

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Congrats Rob and must say I'm a just a bit jealous!!!! LOL! Our weather has been pretty rotten, but the past few days have been very warm and maybe a little fella will come my way soon. Isn't it exciting to spot the first one?


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Thanks everyone, yes it's exciting to see the first hummer of the season. I believe my visitor may have moved north, haven't seen one today. I'll be out of town this week end so I won't get to watch for them.

I was lucky enough this year to get a sighting spot on the RT male migration map. I always wanted to do that.

Steve, here in the San Antonio area I have RT hummers sporatically during March, then more in April. By June I have regulars both Ruby Throated and Black Chinned that stay all summer. Females with nests and siblings. Their numbers reduce in August, then I have them off and on during the fall migration into November.

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Thanks for the info. My earliest all time hummer visitor was last year april 25th , but normal for me is may 1-4.

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My first sighting last season was 3/18 so I'm getting a bit anxious as you can imagine. Should I just clear my calendar next week, sit outside and wait????!!!! LOL!


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No hummers spotted in Dallas yet, but your messages made me clean our my feeder and fill today!

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I just got back to my apartment after being out of town. There's lot of activity at the feeders. Even two at a time trying to dominate. I wish I had been here all weekend to see it.
This looks like it might be the beginning of a good hummer season.

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I have been home and off work today, and have had visitors at the feeders about every ten to fifteen minutes or so. All males. I think the females will be another month or so.

The cold winter has been rough on my Salvias, but they are growing again. My Coral Honeysuckle is blooming well. What a rugged, cold hardy plant it is. I'm impressed. But the hummers seem to just want the feeders for now.

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congrats rob, always exciting to spot first chicago were im from ,we saw our first 1 about the same time steve did.usually the first spotting is first or second week of may;hey rob,can u send them express here and bypass steve?lol have to tell wife to start getting feeders

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

According to one of the hummingbird migration maps Chicago gets hummers the first few days of April. That is a full month before you seem to see one coolaces. Are these migration maps not a good indicator of when they will be in the area?

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hi eigdeh, not sure ,i have seen that on the map also;i have been feeding them for about 5 years or so;it seems if u live close to a wooded area u see them earlier; last year when i spotted my first 1 there wasnt hardly anything blooming;go figure; i always wondered how accurate that map is; but it is fun to watch and anticipate;lol

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Hey folks. I am getting females now at the feeders here in south Texas. So they are migrating as well.

Are any of you in the coastal states seeing hummers yet? There are lots of sightings on the RT map.

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