Vermont Hoyas 600th post!

kamikakushiAugust 1, 2013

Well, since it's "comments off" on Vermont Hoyas I'll deliver my praise here instead Doug.

I've been enjoying your site now since about two years. Today it's part of the daily routine, with one or two visits a day.

Thank you so much for all your effort, videos, words and excellent pictures (and kudos to you for not destroying them with watermarks).


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im not positive, but he might recieve your praise faster if you post it on

Here is a link that might be useful: hoya cubit

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Thank you for the praise! I do check the forums regularly, but I have been going through a relocation (Moving from my home of 13 years to new digs), and I have been just too busy to post on the forums. Soon I hope to be posting regularly.


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I too enjoy reading his posts! He has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share it about his beautiful Hoyas! Thank you Doug for taking the time and effort to educate everyone!

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I'm sending you a thank you too, Doug! I have to say I just LOVE your time-lapse videos! :)

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Thank you Teisa! Klea, I'm so happy that you like my time-lapses as they are my favorite thing to do!


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Wow, what a wonderful thread! Thanks so much for starting it, Kami!

Doug sure does deserve high praise for contributing so much insight, detail, and beautiful photography to our community. I, for one, know how much time goes into drafting just ONE well-thought-out blog post. So with a rigorous blog like VermontHoyas, we're practically talking a part-time job!

I think my favorite blog entries were the ones where you were building your plant corridor, and explaining the logic of all your decisions. It's always exciting to watch someone get a new from-scratch greenhouse. But, hearing someone work out a less orthodox plant space, building off what they have, is truly fascinating and helpful. I plan on writing a tour of my own grow space decisions soon, and talking about some of my favorite inspirations, yourself included. ;)

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Thank you GG! It was a difficult decision to leave my plant "corridor" and greenhouses behind with my new move. I now however have cut my commuting time by two thirds, so in theory I should have more time to devote to my hobby.

I so look forward to a tour of your growing spaces. Anyone who can keep as many Hoyas as you do demands to be listened to, and I am all ears:) We all have limitations on what we would like to be able to achieve with our plants, and can always use fresh ideas.

I particularly am looking for more and better ways to fit more plants in. My new digs have less window space than I had before, and I am loathe to get rid of beautiful large specimen plants that took years of hard work to achieve. Yet, I need space to try new plants to keep me excited and challenged. Thank you again for the kind comments, and I enthusiastically wait for your growing space posts.


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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

I have missed reading a lot of hoya posts and am just now playing catch up. So I missed where you moved to, Doug? Are you still in Vermont? Can't wait to see pics of new grow spaces. Love ll your videos especially the ones about grow spaces as I am always challenged there too.

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Marcy, I'm still in Vermont, but instead of living 40 miles from my workplace, I now live only six miles away. I went from a two floor 1830's farm house to a one floor 1950's ranch. I am having to learn how to grow all over again. My new windows are western exposure, which is considerably different than the east facing windows that I was used to. It is all good however; I love my new suburban neighborhood and the growing challenges that it presents.


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