I'm getting buzzed

rvird01March 19, 2014

by male hummers :) Saw my first one last weekend and have at least 3 males. I have been sitting in my garden the past couple evenings as the sun goes down. They just keep dive bombing and buzzing each other. Last night I put on my red pjs and laughed as they kept checking me out...thinking they had met the biggest red flower on earth. Lol


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Wonderful story, Rhonda!
Can't wait to see my first hummer of the year.
I keep checking the map and crossing my fingers. Laugh.


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I spotted a beautiful male Ruby Throat hummingbird at feeder yesterday and today. I left a feeder up and fresh all year. I had a few sightings of migration, last one Jan. 4th, so I hope this hummer is here to stay. I will add another feeder soon. I hope to take a pic., as soon as he stays at feeder long enough. I hope his friends join him!

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It shouldn't be long before you see them. I'm hoping this will be a banner year. Normally, I only see one male at a time this early in the year, so I'm thrilled that I'm consistently seeing 3.

I kept up one feeder up through winter as well, but didn't see any hummers. Hope to see your pics soon.


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