Your most frequent bloomers

MojaveLove(5 - IL)August 24, 2012

My compacta has its first bloom after two years (and growing a lot!) and I would like to get another hoya before the cool weather arrives, particularly one that is an easy bloomer. Please share what your most frequent bloomer is and the culture it is in.

Mine would have to be able to tolerate direct sunlight (compacta gets a little light green and spotty where the light hits but seems to love it, grows like a weed), some heat and humidity in the summer and cooler dryer temperatures in the winter. I also have a carnosa but looking for something else.

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Besides my Lacunosa...My most frequent bloomer is Hoya tomataensis - the fragrance is lovely too!

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Mojave; continuous bloomers for me are: H. lacunosa, H. davidcummingii, H. multiflora, H. finlaysonii 'Large Leaf'.

Golden, how do you get H. tomataensis to bloom...I have 3 of them and never a single peduncle! How much heat, light, water do you provide? Thanks in advance! Fondly, Patrick

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Dont really do anything special.... I originally had it in my corner East/south window... basically on a table away from the window.... but it gets alot of light... It had at least 12 peduncles on it and it flowers non stop... I probably water it 2 a week but I never soak it... and the heat would be normal household temperatures - well in a hot window... Anyways then I decided to move it to my garden window which is East... but gets direct sun in the mornings... I fertilize it here and there... not really any method.. sort of diluted fertilizer almost every time I water... IN the SUMMER only... I sometimes use 20 20 20... I change up to 15 30 15 and sometimes I even use my schultz Bloom plus 10 60 10.... So I kinda give it everything - lol... How old are yours Patrick? I have had mine for about 3 years but I did start it from a cutting... Anyways GOOD LUCK Patrick! Im sure you will love the fragrance... the only lousy part is - the flowers only last about a day or so....

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My two best bloomers other than DS-70 and lacunosa, are camphorifolia and limoniaca. Both are constantly in bloom all summer long.

Here's a pic of my camphorifolia


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