Has anyone see this flower

hummersteveMarch 24, 2007

Sorry guys no photo.. I was in lowes the other day and I was severly attracted to this flower called "Oriental Violet" It had several buds on it and one flower open. It was pinkish and huge and sorta similar to black and blue flowers but much much bigger , almost bought it but didnt , looks like a hummer magnet, $10, is it,,,,

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I have no idea what this is, hummersteve. Hopefully, someone else does. Do you think it's a named Salvia hybrid? I'm afraid you've got only the varietal name--not the scientific name. It's as if you were looking at a hollyhock strain called "Ruby Red," but the word "hollyhock" wore off the label and all you've got for a name is "Ruby Red." If you didn't know it was a hollyhock, you'd have a hard time tracking it down. Without that scientific name or a familiar common name, I have no idea what it is. I did do a google search on "oriental violet" and nothing useful came up.

Tell you what, if I'm at Lowe's in the next few days, I'll look for it, and see. Maybe others can do the same. I don't know if your Lowe's carries what ours does, but since our climates are similar, there's a good chance it does.

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The reason it caught my eye is it had that one big flower open. That was the only name it had that I saw , maybe if I went back I detect something else. See what I can do. Only problem is they only had a few and with the weather people may be snatching them up rather quickly.

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