Blooming today...

quinnfyre(z7 PA)August 26, 2010

Multiflora! First time! No time to post pics now, but it looks like a herd of wild horses running towards you. Or so it seems to me : ) I have been wick watering it, and it loves it. Except for a small bout against spider mites, it has been doing well since its conversion to wick watering. Hooray!

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lol Awesome description, Quinn. I can totally see that. Congratulations on your hard-won success.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Here is the herd of wild horses, ha:

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Jan Sword

Great photos! I love multiflora because it's unique flowers and it flowers often.
Good job!

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Hi Quinn,
I believe you've got H. javanica! It is very similar to H. multiflora that most don't realize there are two different species.
For more info...check out this link.
Well cannot post the link since it was 'zapped' by security.
I'll Gmail you this link...if I can?

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Here is the best I can do now that Stemma is history and I can't find David Liddle's photo page either.
Look at the tip of the corona to see if they arch inward as in multiflora or if the tips are bent outward like javanica or C. floribunda.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hoya multiflora montage

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Hmmm, fascinating! After checking out both sets of photos (thanks to both of you, by the way!) and comparing them with my pics, I believe it IS javanica. Not that it mattered either way, but it is always nice to know what you have. Now what to do about the fact that 'multiflora' is literally written on one of its leaves? Will it have an identity crisis? : )

It's got another peduncle going already. Fun! I don't even think the cutting is a foot tall yet. I did have to stake it now that it has the extra weight of blooms, though. It started leaning over to one side a lot.

So this brings my count of hoyas that have bloomed for me up to 3: this guy, wayetti, and speckled lacunosa. And two out of the three turned out to be something else: javanica instead of multiflora, and wayetti instead of kentiana.

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My plant isn't Hoya multiflora either but I refer to it as that species for some reason. The Epiphtica page has some good photos of both species on page three of the Hoya section.
If you notice a smell from the blooms can you report back to us? According to the photo montage my plant is Cyrtoceras floribunda and it seems to have a faint scent during the late mornings sometimes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Epiphytica

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Very nice pics Quinn!!! I have always assumed that mine was multiflora as well. It's got buds that should be open any day now so I guess I should go by the chart and see what I actually have!!


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