Miss those hummers

tonyb416(z5-6 NJ)March 4, 2007

I miss the hummers that visited my little garden patch over the summer. I guess it's still too early to put out a feeder in New Jersey. Anyone have an idea when I can put one out?

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tonyb, I suggest you put your feeder out on April 1st--(no foolin'!)

If you take a look at the hummingbird migration map and look at previous years, you will see that the first birds don't return to New Jersey until very late in March (in the extreme south of Jersey) or the first or second week in April for most of the rest of the state. Keep in mind, though, these are FIRST arrivals, and the majority of the population will arrive later. Unless you are very lucky, you probably won't see your first bird before mid to late April. If you put your feeder out on April 1st, you should be fine for even the earliest birds. Be sure to empty and clean it every few days so that the sugar water doesn't ferment and spoil.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird migration map

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Last year the first reports for my area were april 4-5 but given the fact they seem to be earlier this year Im sure my feeders will be up a little before April 1, unless we have a really cold spell at that time.

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