Just call me mister looney

hummersteveMarch 21, 2007

The other day I was cleaning my feeders in anticipation of the coming horde. Anyway I found this one test tube feeder at walmart and hung it on my elm tree. I have a couple of other feeders cleaned and hanging in my pc room from a chain light ready and waiting. I know this may sound weird but makes me feel a little better.. antsy pantsy looney.

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Looney like the rest of us! I'll probably be putting my feeders up at the beginning of April, but I don't think I have a prayer of seeing one that early.

Who knows, maybe you'll register the earliest spring record for a Ruby-throated Hummingbird in Indiana! Take a look at the 2006 migration map (as I'm sure you have!) and you'll see that there was one in western Indiana on March 27th, and one in south central Ohio on March 31st. I don't know if those are records for their states, but they're amazingly early. If you saw one today, you'd be beating that early Indiana date by only 5 days. In 2001, there was one on March 29th in northeastern Ohio. With global warming, I suppose anything's possible.

They sure are making rapid progress this year. I'm eagerly anticipating your first hummingbird announcement, knowing that mine will soon follow!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird 2006 migration map

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Just the other day I was looking at the 2006 map and saw that there were some early sightings here, but for my area I shouldnt see one untill April 2-5 but you never know and you can bet your last dollar that I will have feeders out in March. Kristin, you know it when I see my first I will announce it loud and clear, but who knows you may see one before I do.

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cs7580(zone 7 TN)

I'm putting all mine out this week end. It's killing me not seeing the little ones flying around

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HummerSteve, can I join your Antsy Pantsy Loonie Club?
Is there a secret handshake? *smile*

This morning I had 3 new visitors. That is a total of 13 since last Saturday morning!

Hubby called this morning. He's stopping at the market for me on his way home from work. He said "I noticed you were getting low on sugar and it wasn't on your list. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing you want me to pick up another 10 lb. bag?"

If I get any more visitors, I think I'm going to buy stock in C & H.

CS7580, I know what you mean about killing ya not seeing any around. A few days here were very windy (Santa Ana's) and not a Hummer in sight. I got so antsy waiting and waiting and not seeing any. I started to worry---as I did when my own children weren't home when they were supposed to be. Oh yea, I'm addicted to these little guys and gals. Very addicted. *smile*

I just added a couple pics in the gallery.

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It's probably still early here in central VA. In my bird book I recorded my first sighting in 2006 on May 5, but I didn't know to look for them, and the sighting was just a happy accident. suspect they were here long before that. Yes, this is my second year, and it's both comforting and anxiety producing to anticipate them. Can't wait. Good luck to us all.

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Hi Amity

Join the club, just 'click your heels three times and say hummers come home, hummers come home" and youre in. Only problem is you are showing off a little with having seen 13 hummers already, the only real loonies are the ones who havent seen any yet and still put their feeders out. Have a good day Amity.

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I want to join the club also. I cannot wait!! lollol
I bought 7 of those feeders that you talked about on another thread, hummersteve. I went to Wally world and bought every last one of them. When I found out the yellow portals attracted wasps and bees I bought what you suggested. I got the 32 oz. size. Now if they would hurry up and come to dinner at my house. LOL I will not be using the feeders with yellow portals this year and I thank you for posting the info, hummersteve. I have 3 out right now and ready to go with more. I keep hearing their little chirps, but I keep thinking it may be another kind of bird.(am I hearing things,now?) I haven't seen any as of yet at my feeders.
I planted 3 trumpet vines this year, l yellow and 2 red. Also pink jasmine(not sure if they like that but loved the smell) 8 hibiscus, coral honeysuckle, and 2 veregated wiegela bushes. I am ready. I am a little anxious for them to come, especially since the forrest fire near our house. We are surrounded by national forrest land on three sides and they did a "control burn" but it covered hundreds of acres...I hope it does not run them off. The smell is still in the air and it is still smoldering.:(

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Im guessing you are in the CA area. I have one test tube feeder up and removed the yellow part on it. Tomorrow I look to hang one of my window feeders so I can keep a look out for them. I also hope the smoke doesnt keep the chirpers away either. I would be carefull not to have the feeders near any purple or violet aromatic flowers you might have or that would be like ringing the dinner bell for bees.

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